Supplier Spotlight: Embracing Change With Innovative Product Ideas


One Southern California supplier refuses to throw in the towel, doing everything possible to make sweet lemonade out of lemons. Terry Town has always portrayed their brand as fun and relaxed, manufacturing towels, blankets, and more for a comfy, relaxed lifestyle. But lately, the company has taken on another purpose – pushing products that will help make people’s lives a little easier during the pandemic.

The promotional products industry has been greatly affected this past couple of months due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Tradeshows have been canceled and businesses have had to scale back and furlough employees – it has been a trying time for many. But, despite the hardships, our industry is also made up of unyielding, dedicated, and passionate people, like the Terry Town employees, who will do anything to keep the promotional products industry afloat and help their fellow peers thrive during such difficult circumstances.

“We are all in this together and would like to see everyone succeed,” said Alp Ereren, content manager at Terry Town.

Supplying the Need

In the past, Terry Town’s focus was marketing its high-quality beach towels – the first supplier to offer full-color sublimation printing. It wasn’t rare to walk the golden shores and see Terry Town’s popular towels strewn across the sand. Today, the beaches are quiet, causing the company to re-examine its marketing approach and adjust accordingly to a “new normal” that society is facing.

“Do we push products with good pricing or idea solutions?” Alp asked. He answered his own question, stating that Terry Town is now more focused on generating product ideas for clients. Rather than beach towels, the company is promoting hand and dish towels, microfiber cleaning cloths, and fitness accessories – essentials for the stay-at-home lifestyle. “We want them to use our product in a new light and we are working with offering as many solutions as possible.”

Recycled Polyester Flannel Blanket (DPR101)

This is quite the shift from when Terry Town was supplying major department stores, like Neiman Marcus and JC Penny’s, luxury robes back in 1987, back when Alp’s father, Sy Ereren, started the company. But, times have changed.

“We want our products to help everyone staying at home,” explained Esmeralda Anaya, marketing manager at Terry Town. “Whether that is for at-home exercises or drying clean hands, we are trying to do our part to help.”

Professional Yoga Mat (MYOGA02)

Stronger Than Ever Before

Although specializing in towels, Terry Town offers many other items such as blankets, home accessories, travel items, and more. “We like to excite our customer base with the products we bring in,” Alp said.

Chef’s Apron (APRON02)

Delivering passion and innovation, Terry Town has exceeded customer expectations for every order by providing superior quality products and services. Over the years, the company has remained true to its mission, by going above and beyond for its clients.

Recently, one week after the stay-at-home order was issued in California, Terry Town received a request from the USS Nimitz Navy ship in San Diego that the sailors were in dire need of towels. Even with everything going on, Terry Town figured out a way to fulfill the order and deliver the towels to the ship that same day. “We always go the extra mile to help our clients,” Esmeralda said.

When asked what sets Terry Town apart from its competitors, Alp’s humble response shared a glimmer into why the promotional products industry is so special. It’s because of the people who support each other, even the competition, especially when times are tough.

“I think we are all unique and doing everything we can to survive this unfortunate circumstance,” Alp said. “We are hoping everyone can get back on their feet, and we are wishing our entire industry health and safety.”

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