Building a Logoed Brand Kit

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How do you create a branded company gift that is simultaneously personal, unique, and valuable? A brand kit is a fantastic way to showcase the products and decoration methods that you offer, as well as highlights the marketing value that you, as a distributor, bring to the table for your customers.

Logoed gift sets are all about creative presentation. These don’t have to break the bank! The key to a great brand kit is curating several quality promotional products that represent your branding and showcase your abilities, then packaging them in a way that adds value and brings the whole set together cohesively.

Are you ready to start planning your showstopper branded gift set? Here’s what you need to do!

Step 1: Identify Your Budget

You are probably already familiar with the first step here – coming up with an appropriate budget for your kit. This will depend on what your ultimate goal is for the kits, who your intended audience is, and how you’re planning to use them. When you are calculating your budget, don’t forget to leave room for costs associated with assembly, packaging, and shipping (even if you plan on handling it all in-house)!

Step 2: Choose Your Products

This is the fun part! Choose a variety of products that show off your brand or message. These can be multiple smaller products or just a few higher-end ones. If you’re looking to show off your capabilities, select products that cover a variety of usages and decoration methods. For an even more cohesive kit, go with products that all fit a “theme” – for example, a picnic-themed kit could feature a tumbler, blanket, reusable cutlery set, sunscreen, etc. The possibilities are endless here!

Step 3: Decide on Presentation

When it comes to a branded kit, packaging is as important as the contents! The presentation of your giveaway is going to set the first impression for your brand, so it is important to not skip over this step. Here are a few ideas for unique, eye-catching packaging:

  • Custom-printed mailer box
  • Branded tote bag
  • Logoed paper bags with decorative tissue
  • Custom ribbon ties

Step 4: Set Up the Logistics

The last step is figuring out how you plan to get all your kits assembled and delivered. You can hire a company that specializes in packing and fulfillment and have all your products drop-shipped there, or you can work with your team to build and hand out the gifts yourselves. If you plan on handling the assembly in-house, make sure you factor in the time it will take to put everything together. Hand-delivering your gifts is a nice touch, but in situations where that might not be possible, having them mailed makes for a great reminder that your company can handle projects from concept to delivery.

A logoed brand kit is the perfect giveaway for showing clients, current and prospective, a sampling of all the services and products that you can offer their organization. For information and inspiration when it comes to promoting your business, check out our blogs on social media marketing and email campaigns or contact us to see what SAGE can do for you!

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