Improve Your Time Management Skills With the New SAGE Project Management Area


Does it feel like you are always running out of time? Or drowning in endless tasks and projects? Not to mention the average worker uses 13 methods to manage their time each day – sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Time management doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, the more time you spend planning out your day or even week, the more time you’ll have to conquer each project! Improving your time management skills has many benefits such as a better work-life balance, lower stress, and a decreased burnout rate.

Well, I have good news for you! With the new SAGE Project Management area in SAGE Online 16, you can easily track each project from start to finish – without shuffling between those 13 time management methods (because no one has time for that!)

Let’s dive in, shall we?

One Tool to Rule Them All

Now, all of your projects can be monitored with one easy-to-use tool. The Project Management area integrates with all areas of SAGE Online, so you don’t have to go back and forth between emails and spreadsheets.

Simply create a project and tag it to a client from your CRM. Save all the project’s activities and files including searches, products, presentations, order forms, client logos, proofs, and more under each project for quick reference, maximizing your efficiency.

Let it Flow

Create a schedule and stick to it by customizing your own workflow process by adding and rearranging steps. What’s even better? The Project Management area even integrates with CRM using automation to create tasks for certain project events, such as setting up a task to follow up with a customer two days after sending a proof.

There’s No “I” in Team

One of the best ways to improve your time management skills is learning how to delegate. If you have a mountain of tasks to complete in one day, assigning a few to your team helps alleviate stress.

In the SAGE Project Management area, you can assign and establish effective project timelines for your team so they can meet deadlines with ease – without scrambling to get everything finished last minute!

Plus, you’ll always know if a project is on track by setting due dates for each stage of the workflow. Mark the project green for done, blue for an upcoming due date, and red for anything that is past due.

Stop, Communicate, and Listen

Okay, this isn’t a Vanilla Ice song…

But the new Project Management area is the perfect tool to communicate with customers via a portal, which gives them a professional and organized area where they can track the status of an order, view and respond to proofs, pay bills, and upload artwork. You can even send a custom link to each client to view their personal dashboard, as well as set up preferences that automatically sends updates on the project.

Help set clear goals and prioritize what you need to accomplish when you track a project from start to finish with SAGE Project Management. Know where each of your projects are always, so you can hit deadlines with ease – and get results you deserve.

Start saving time – try out the live demo of Project Management today.

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