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When you’re helping clients think of creative ways to promote their business through clever products, do you ever consider their “color story”?

Well, for Mark Jenkins, Managing Director of Pioneer Line, the color story is one of the most important aspects of drawing in potential customers to learn more about a brand. With three million balloons manufactured per day and available in 90 colors, Pioneer Line has been helping brands tell their “color stories” for more than 100 years.

Since it’s inception, Pioneer Line has been the pioneer of high-quality balloon production, education, and exceptional customer support. From latex and foil balloons (all made in North America), Pioneer Line’s bread and butter are custom imprinted balloons that can make help a brand soar above its competition.

“Our latex balloons are inflated to be screen printed. The special inks we use are largely made up of latex so the imprint can shrink (when we shrink the balloons back with heat) and then inflated again when displayed. It’s the only way to produce a high-quality imprint on a latex balloon,” Mark explained.

Check out this Ad Age video from this year’s PPAI Expo. In it, Mark explains more about Pioneer Line’s many inflatable products, as well as the company’s commitment to our planet:

An Eco-Friendly Promise

We all see them at store openings, birthday parties, car dealerships, and more, but do we really understand the effect latex balloons have on our environment?

Manufactured in North America since 1917, Pioneer Line’s Qualatex® and AdRite™ latex balloons are biodegradable and photodegradable. How do you know it’s biodegradable? According to research, when a transparent balloon starts to “fog” when exposed to the sun, that means it’s beginning to oxidize and photodegrade.

“We will continue to promote and educate our customers on the uniqueness of our product and how it best fits in today’s climate and mindset. We have a degradable and plastic-free solution–especially now with a couple of new balloon accessory items that are compostable or recyclable,” Mark explained.

But it doesn’t stop there. Pioneer Line also strives to promote a healthy ecosystem through the raw materials used to manufacture the latex balloons. Scattered throughout the countryside of Malaysia and Thailand are rubber tree plantations – these trees are also known as Hevea brasiliensis. The milky sap safely harvested from rubber trees is what latex balloons are made from.

According to Pioneer Line, “latex harvesting combats global warming by reducing carbon dioxide from the air.” In addition, harvesting latex provides jobs for roughly 6 million people around the globe, states the World Wildlife Fund.

When promoting a brand with Pioneer Line’s latex balloons, clients even have the option to add a degradable latex message on the balloons, letting customers know that the products they’ve chosen are environmentally friendly!

Inflate. Enjoy. Dispose.

Releasing balloons is harmful to the environment. This is why Pioneer Line has taken a stance against balloon releases and has been working hard to share and inspire the safe disposal of balloons.

What does the safe disposal of balloons look like? Latex balloons can be thrown into your compost pile at home, which is the best biodegradable condition, or in a landfill, where the materials will also breakdown safely.

“Whether it’s a single balloon or hundreds, let’s keep them from flying away.”

Balloons come in all shapes, colors, and sizes – but, if not responsibly disposed of, can cause extreme harm to the environment. At Pioneer Line, not only will you be able to share your brand’s color story with customers, but you’ll also be able to share your commitment to the planet as well.

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