Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Business


Social media is an important part of any company’s online presence. It helps businesses acquire new customers, increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and even boost overall conversions. It’s not always easy to post on a consistent schedule, but dedicating the time to improving your online presence is sure to pay off. We’ve put together some of our top tips for how you can make the most of your social media accounts to grow your following and increase engagement.

Keep it Consistent

Your social media profiles should remain consistent with your brand identity. Take a look at your website and see what colors, fonts, featured products, videos, and other important content you have featured there and make a note to keep the branding similar on your social media profile. When a customer pulls up your Instagram or Facebook, your profile should have a similar feel to your website so they can easily identify the company and your overall message.

Tailor Your Posts

Different social media platforms require different types of posts! Visual content, like images and videos, are perfect for Instagram, however longer blog articles or event promotions will probably perform better on Facebook. Try to post different types of content across your profiles to see which ones resonate with your audience.

Utilize Hashtags

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase you use in a post with a # in front. These help social media users search for content related to their interests. For example, if someone is putting together a golf tournament, they could search for #golfproducts on Instagram and discover fresh ideas for fun additions to the tournament’s marketing plan. Hashtags are an important part of growing your social audience beyond your current followers so anyone on the platform can find your posts and engage with your content.

Switch Up Your Content

Posting different types of content is also important! Posting the same content day in and day out can lead to a decrease in engagement as your followers are always looking for something new. You can try featuring favorite products, giving your followers a look behind the scenes at your offices, or sharing statistics on the benefits of promotional products!

Capitalize on Trends

A trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon are unboxing videos, popular long-form content categories you see on YouTube. These videos are a great way to engage your audience and show off the power of promotional products. You can also use these videos to get your customers involved, have them create videos and tag you in them so both of you can grow your audience!

Respond to Comments

Once your post is up, be sure to respond to the comments your followers leave in the first few days after the post! It could be answering their questions, thanking them for their support, or letting them know where to find more information (#linkinbio). Keep your replies consistent with your brand’s voice and professional to help improve your customer service. Reading and replying to comments also helps your company understand what your audience wants and needs!

For more best practices and #FreshIdeas for social media check out this education session from SAGE Conference 2020.

With these tips, you should be ready to engage with your followers and build a stronger social media presence. If you want more specific ideas for what to post on social media, we’ve got you covered with these 15 Shareable Social Media Images so you can begin posting beautiful, industry-related graphics right to your account.

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