Supplier Spotlight: A Stroke of “Pen” Genius


When you think of a brand that offers exceptional customer experience, what comes to mind? Well, in the promotional products industry, Hub, the leader in supplying high-quality pens, is top of mind. 

Since its inception in 1954, Hub has been a name that customers have trusted for great products.  Recently Hub as undergone a major facelift of the brand and updating to a new, modern website featuring 360-degree views of each pen,  and unique lifestyle images helping distributors to be even more successful when presenting pens to clients. Today, the Hub brand looks fresher and more appealing, with the same pinnacle quality that customers have recognized since the beginning.

Sourced ethically from China and imprinted in the United States, Hub offers only the finest pens. From sleek hybrid ink pens to modern-designed pens with a laser engraved imprint that lights up when double-clicked, the options are endless.

Then and Now: A DePENdable Outcome

The company has come a long way since 1954. With the introduction of new products, the expansion into a larger office and plant, Hub has taken the pen promo world by storm.

In 2016, Hub founded Hub Promotional Group – now HPG Brands, and expanded pen production to Toronto-based Debco all with the same quality and speed that customers have come to expect. Plans are in place to produce Hub items at the other HPG Brands companies nationwide.

While writing utensils are the biggest sellers, the company is so much more than just pens – it’s about the people. “If you talk to employees and even customers of Hub, you’ll find a feeling of family and a strong tradition of loyalty,” explained Trina Bicknell, SVP Sales.

The 300 talented employees on board deliver exceptional customer experience. “We have employees and customers that have been with the company for decades,” Trina added.

Offsetting the Carbon Footprint

For many suppliers, the global impact promotional products have on the environment has become a pivotal opportunity to reduce industrial pollution.

As of January 1st, 2020, Hub offset its carbon footprint with all outbound UPS shipments at no additional cost to the customer. This 100% carbon offsetting initiative applies to all shipments utilizing HPG’s contract with UPS, helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

HPG CEO Chris Anderson explained, “This innovative program furthers HPG’s commitment to environmental sustainability, while offering our distributor partners freight costs that are typically lower than when they ship using their own freight rates. This efficiency is accomplished by leveraging HPG’s North America-wide footprint, and the economies of scale it provides – good news for the environment, and good news for HPG customers.”

The “Write” Stuff

So, what’s in store for Hub? “Lots of great innovation,” Trina said, adding that the newest product, the Tabellone pen, is “so incredible you won’t be sure where the pen ends and the box begins.”

Italian for “billboard”, the Tabellone pen is fully customizable and even comes in a full-color gift box set.

A lifestyle shot of the Tabellone pen – Italian for “billboard.”

We all use pens every day. It just depends on what your preference is. Regardless, Hub’s employees are ready to lend a helping hand in finding the perfect pen that fits your needs.   

Check out all Hub’s pen options today. Who knows? Your next favorite pen might just be a click away.

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  1. Our clients just love these pens. So glad to be able to partner with you.

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