Survival Guide for The PPAI Expo 2020

Survival Guide for PPAI Expo_v1

The PPAI Expo is almost here! Whether it’s your first time attending the promotional products industry’s largest event or you’re just looking for more tips to make your experience even better, we’ve put together our essential guide for surviving The PPAI Expo.

Before You Go

Download SAGE Mobile: Start by downloading SAGE Mobile, the official PPAI Expo tradeshow planner. Save yourself time by downloading SAGE Mobile now and not at the convention center. Make sure you have your username and password setup and saved in the app. If you don’t have a login, email or call 800.925.7243 and we’ll get you set up before the show!

Next, you’ll want to download The PPAI Expo from the tradeshow menu so you have all the information on your device before you go. Bonus: You’ll be able to access the floor plan and education sessions even without an internet connection!

Come prepared: What you bring to the show is incredibly important so make sure you’re packing all the tradeshow essentials! Here’s what we recommend:

Multiple pairs of shoes: These should be your favorite, most comfortable, already-broken-in shoes because there is a lot of ground to cover at The PPAI Expo. You don’t want blisters all over your feet after wearing uncomfortable shoes all day!

Post-show outfits: There are plenty of networking events and parties once the show ends each day, like the Power of Two Party hosted by PPAI and SAGE, the hottest social event during the week! This is a time for you to let loose and mingle with hundreds of industry peers.

Reusable water bottle: You’re going to the desert, after all, so don’t forget to stay hydrated while you walk up and down the show floor all day. There are various refill stations around the convention center so you’ll be able to fill up for free if you have a reusable bottle already packed!

Snacks: Ah Vegas… the lights, entertainment, and a seemingly endless array of gourmet food! Not only do you have incredible restaurants to try out, but there are plenty of grab-and-go snack places on every corner! Make sure to bring these snacks with you to Expo, they’ll help keep your energy up at the show without taking the time to go get a big meal in the middle of the day – save that for the evening!

Create a plan: Maximize your show floor experience by creating an optimized and easy-to-follow walk list! Here’s how to create a walk list in SAGE Mobile:

You can also plan out your schedule by selecting your favorite education sessions before the show and adding them to your calendar. Don’t forget to add SAGE Conference! You’ll learn new techniques and strategies to improve your business, gain insights on technology trends, and be the very first to preview the latest SAGE technology developments for the new year. If you haven’t signed up for SAGE Conference yet, save your seat today!

At the Show

Factor in time for Starbucks: The Starbucks at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center is always crowded, so we recommend saving time by ordering online and then going to pick it up when it’s ready. Otherwise, be prepared to wait 30+ minutes in line.

Take notes in SAGE Mobile: Write down your favorite tips and tricks from the many education sessions and take photos or videos of the best new products on the show floor. All of the information will be saved for you to reference after the show!

Pace yourself: The PPAI Expo is a long show, so there’s no need to rush through and try to see everything on the first day! Take your time talking with your favorite suppliers and visit new booths to see trendy products you haven’t discovered yet.

Contact Live Help: If you have any questions while you’re at Expo, you can use the new Live Help feature in the SAGE Mobile 9.0 and our experts will answer your questions in real-time!

Explore Las Vegas: There’s so much to do in Las Vegas outside of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. In your free time, you can walk down the strip and find tons of new restaurants and shows or venture over to old downtown Las Vegas to see the Neon Museum!


Follow-up on your favorites: Reach out to suppliers about your favorite products from the show to request samples or get more detailed information.

Engage in SAGE discussion groups: You can use the SAGE Discussion Groups and join public feeds, like The PPAI Expo Discussion Group, to collaborate with all PPAI Expo attendees. Take the time to also create a private group for you and your team to share feedback and ideas.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your PPAI Expo experience and start 2020 off on the right foot!

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