What Do You Theme? SAGE Online Product Search Feature


There are more than 200 new features in SAGE Online, helping you power up your product search and manage your business better than ever before. From drilldown options to help you narrow down your product search efficiently to ColorSense search, which allows you to select products with a specific color, you have endless possibilities that will help you find the perfect products for your clients!

But, what if your client is planning an uber-specific event and needs multiple promo products that reflect the event’s theme or brand? Whether it be a sporting event or even a holiday bash, you need to find unique products that “wow” the event attendees – and I’m not talking about the generic coffee mugs or koozies…

Well, have no fear, because we have a SAGE Online feature just for you!

Meet the “Theme” search feature. Well, it actually has been around for a while, but users are finally utilizing its capabilities. With the wave of a magical wand, or in this case, typing in your event’s theme, *POOF* you’ll have hundreds or even thousands of products that cater to your specific need.

So, where can you find this magical feature, you ask? I’ll show you!

Simply log in to SAGE Online. Piece of cake! Next, you’re going to click on the “Product Search” tab, aka the coffee mug icon, on the left-hand side. From there, fill in the “Theme” search box located in the center of the “Product Criteria” section. Click on “Start Search” and VOILA!

It doesn’t matter what type of event your client is hosting, this “Theme” search feature will make it quick and easy to find the perfect products that will add pizzazz to every event!

Want to see this feature in action? Below are three examples of how the “Theme” search can find the perfect products in a snap! Hopefully, these examples will also spark a little inspiration, and who knows… maybe even guide you in the right direction before an upcoming pitch meeting with your client.

New Year’s Eve Bash

3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR (almost)! Cheers to 2020 and the “Theme” search option, especially if a client if planning a New Year’s Eve bash. Can you say confetti and metallic balloons?

Whether they want to organize a photo booth with silly props or hand out a bottle of champagne with the company’s logo engraved onto the bottle, this SAGE Online feature will steer them towards fun, unique products that will light up the festivities. *Cue the fireworks*

Employee Appreciation Awards

The end of the year is approaching and that means fireworks, champagne, and employee appreciation awards! There are SO many options out there for awards: jewelry, plaques, trophies, glass sculptures (maybe even a raise… wink wink). The possibilities are endless and the “Theme” search feature in SAGE Online can help any employer find the perfect awards without having to sift through an endless list of products.


Annual Golf Tournament

Most business transactions happen on a golf course, which makes sense that many company’s host annual golf tournaments. Let’s say a large business is hosting an established golf tournament, that has been around for 20 years, and the same promo products have been passed out year after year. Pretty boring right? Well, skip the polos and golf balls, because by inputting “Golf” in the “Theme” search bar, hundreds of promo products will fill the screen, offering innovative, hole-in-one options that won’t “shank” the tournament’s reputation.

Don’t fall into the trap of ordering the same products over and over again, the “Theme” search feature is extremely easy to use and will help you find the exact products your client is looking for. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

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