The Power of 5G and How It Affects Business


Devices are becoming smarter: cars can self-park, robots are performing open heart surgery, and autonomous drones are used for military tactics.

However, as cutting-edge technology advances, there needs to be a mobile network that supports this innovation, as well as improve efficiency and performance as new inventions are introduced into society.

You’ve probably already heard of 5G – the 5th generation mobile network – but have you really dived into what it is and learned how it will affect your day-to-day life?

Not only will 5G enhance your personal life, from cell phone usage to television streaming services, but it will also influence how you operate at work.

 What is 5G?

Before we unveil how 5G will affect your career, it’s important to understand what it is.

We’ve come a long way since 2G was released in Finland in 1991. Then, 3G and 4G were introduced within the last decade, and over time, the networks have enabled technological advances such as video calls on mobile devices and storage space via “The Cloud.”

“5G brings three new aspects to the table: greater speed (to move more data), lower latency (to be more responsive), and the ability to connect a lot more devices at once (for sensors and smart devices),” according to publication, PCMag.

Although 5G coverage is currently available in limited areas like Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles, it’s anticipated that the mobile network will become more mainstream by 2022.

“The arrival of 5G may also finally bring millions of rural consumers into the high-speed data lanes where marketers increasingly sell their products,” according to Ad Age.

Not only will 5G operate at lightning-fast speeds, but it will also support a plethora of new inventions that will change our daily lives. Inventions like smart bandages that can track someone’s healing or utilizing VR technology for stroke patients (PCMag). Whatever it may be, 5G gives us the opportunity to think outside of the box and to create innovations that have only been dreamt about.

The Benefits of 5G in the Corporate World

Before you know it, 5G will be utilized by most businesses around the world. The good news is that this next-generation wireless technology will fuel new business endeavors that 4G couldn’t do, thus increasing efficiency and innovative breakthroughs. Plus, the office internet will be exceptionally quick.

However, it’s critical to plan for the new wave of devices and inventions that will be functional thanks to the 5G technology. Whether you need to revise your business strategy, IT plan, or simply educate your staff on 5G capabilities, you need to prepare for the future.

Also, consider how you can incorporate the 5G network within the office? For example, Internet of Things is becoming quite prevalent in society – the interconnection between the Internet and everyday objects that contain computing devices. How could you incorporate IoT technology into the office? What about enhancing your website by adding virtual reality elements?

Whatever it may be, 5G is quickly spreading from city to city. While it will be an incredible benefit to our society, it’s crucial to plan ahead and brush up on its capabilities, before getting left behind in the dust.

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