Supplier Spotlight: The Best Kept Secret in a Bag


The phone rang. Miriam picked up and on the other end of the line was a distributor. Time Magazine, based in New York City, was hosting an evening event in Hilary Clinton’s honor and needed tote bags. “I know this is not possible, but I had to ask,” the distributor said.

3-hours later… the bags showed up to the Time Magazine event.

This is just one example of the exceptional customer service that can be seen at Superior Promotional Bags, located in Toms River, near the Jersey Shore, just 70 miles south of Manhattan.

Alex and Miriam Vorhand have owned Superior Promotional Bags since 2007 after they purchased the business with no experience in the promotional products industry.

“It came out of the left field,” Alex explained. “We were in the right place at the right time and took over the company.”

Today, Superior Promotional Bags has the largest collection of canvas totes in the industry, working with distributors who create products for prestigious companies from all over the globe including Tory Burch, Calvin Klein, and beyond.

Meet most of the administrative team who personally greets customers every day.

In the Beginning

When Alex and Miriam purchased the business, they had to quickly learn an effective process that would work in this fast-paced industry. At first, it was trial and error, but now they have mastered the art of communications, artwork, production, problem-solving, and logistics by listening to what customers want.

“We will never stop learning from our customers,” said Alex. “They are our lifeline.”

One of the finishing belts where every piece is inspected for quality. Its part of the 5-star service Superior Promotional Bags is known for.

While this was a learning curve in the beginning, Superior Promotional Bags is now thriving and fulfilling orders left and right with the help from the full-time team of 30 employees.

Based on their consistent A+ customer ratings each year, it’s apparent that customers are their number one priority, and delivering a speedy service is what Alex and his team aim to do every single time.

The Secret Sauce

Toss in some exceptional customer service, sprinkle in hard-working employees, and top it off with precise attention to detail – that’s Superior Promotional Bag’s secret sauce for success.

From making sure that each sample bag doesn’t have a stray thread to personally answering the phone (no automated responses from this business!) Alex and Miriam work tireless hours to make sure every customer is happy with the product. Let’s just say when you work with Superior Promotional Bags, your experience will feel like you are working with a concierge at a fine hotel.

“It’s all about the details,” Alex explained.

Other products that can be ordered from Superior Promotional Bag includes vinyl and cloth bags, as well as coolers, duffels, aprons, towels, and lapel pins. Alex sources these products from all over the world, traveling 8 weeks out of the year. “We’ve built incredible relationships with people from all over the globe,” he explained.

Extraordinary Turnaround with Custom Bags, for Less

More and more, the phone began to ring from distributors asking for help with custom bag projects. Then, Alex thought, “If I can do that for my own company – producing custom bags for my line with the highest quality, for less money, in a timely fashion – then why can’t we do that for our distributors?”

So, the custom bag division was born. It has grown so exponentially, there is a full-time staff member overseas coordinating projects with different factories. “At our home office, we just doubled our team of custom bag specialists who walk our clients through the process, with the same level of VIP service we deliver on stock products.”

These are just some of the custom bag projects that can be done in 4 weeks or less, and for lower minimums and less cost than expected.

“The trick is not just what we do, but how we do it,” Alex explains.

He has now trimmed turnaround time from 10-12 weeks to just 4 weeks or even less on some orders. His “miracle worker” reputation has helped him become the first call for many distributors, however many of them like to keep his capabilities a secret.

“It’s funny when some of our customers say, ‘Shhhhh, I don’t want anyone to know about you. You’re my best-kept secret!’”

One such order was from a distributorship that challenged Alex to complete a custom bag order over Chinese New Year. Since most of the factories in China shut down during Chinese New Year, many suppliers said it couldn’t be done. Alex knew his team could do it, and they produced 15,000 bags in just 4 weeks.

“With us, you can throw away what you’ve been told about huge minimums or long deadlines for producing custom bags,” Miriam added. “We may be able to work miracles for you, and for less cost.”

What’s in Store for 2020?

The main screen printing hub at Superior Promo Bag. The production team is surrounded by sky-high inventory, which means fast turnaround for clients.

Superior Promotional Bags may have an extensive line of products already, but in 2020, Alex and Miriam plan on adding many new styles of bags.

As for the exceptional level of customer experience that they strive to achieve, Alex also mentioned that “we will continue to cultivate new lifelong relationships as we grow through our marketing resources and our service team, who deliver the finest A+ level of service in the industry. We may be one of the industry’s best-kept secrets, but our goal is to also reach new clients in 2020 and show them what we’re capable of.”

For more information on Superior Promotional Bags, click here. 

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