Supplier Spotlight: Soaring Over Competitors


The business was growing so quickly, he had to ask his mom and dad to help him fulfill orders at his home office. Jacky Wang started the promo products supply-company Soardist in China, and because orders increased exponentially, he had to adapt and build warehouses around the globe so he could meet the high demand. From only selling t-shirts to now offering a wide range of fabric products including tents, table throws, and flags, it’s no secret that Soardist is soaring high and reaching for the stars.

Mark Jaroszewski, Soardist’s director of business development in North America, talks about their high-quality products and what makes Soardist stand out, as well as what they are working towards in 2020. Watch the full video.

To learn more about Soardist and the products or printing services, visit

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