Creepin' it Real With These 6 Halloween Party Promo Products


Halloween is creeping towards us and soon homes will be decorated with spiderwebs and scary costumes will be ordered online. Whether you are playing tricks, or handing out treats, Halloween is a time for wicked awesome parties that make even the dead come alive. Here are our six favorite Halloween party favors for every haunted bash!

Pumpkin Scooper 

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A festive pumpkin scooper is a must-have essential for every Halloween party. The double-edged serrated scoop will help clients quickly scoop out the pumpkin guts so they can get to carving their masterpiece. This promo product is something we like to call “the jack-of-all-trades.”

Candy Corn Cauldron Tin 

SAGE #56349

When you think of Halloween what comes to mind? We hope you answered candy! Help your clients get into the spooky season with a tin full of fan-favorites like candy corn! Clients will not only remember the brand’s logo printed on the metal tin, but will feel a sugar-rush like no other!

Ghost Sipper Cup 

SAGE #60053

BOO! Now that we have your attention, if you’re in the market for an unBOOlievable handout for the Halloween season, look no further than this ghost sipper cup! With an assortment of goofy faces printed on the side, this is the perfect handout for haunted houses, school Halloween celebrations, and more. Help your clients gain traction and not feel as invisible as a ghost. Slap their logo onto this cup and they’ll instantly get noticed!

Pumpkin Flat Tire Coaster

SAGE #50332

Coast through the Halloween season with these pumpkin coasters made with 100% post-consumer recycled tires! The surface area is large enough for any logo and perfect to hand out at fall sporting events, to trick-or-treaters, and at Halloween bashes.

 Zombie Stress Reliever 

SAGE #60462

If a zombie is hungry, it would say, “Braaaiiins…” So, if a company needs more business, it would say “Clieeeentssss.” Help them attract more customers with these zombie stress relievers, a unique way to promote products or services and to keep the business alive and thriving!

 Jack-O-Lantern Drawstring Backpack

SAGE #53170

If you are looking for promotional products to help your client’s business light up, then look no further. This Jack-O-Lantern drawstring bag should be passed out at every Halloween party, and with “gourd” reason. Not to mention trick-or-treaters can use this bag to carry ALL of the candy!

Want more product inspiration for your promotional marketing strategy? We’ve got everything you need to advertise your spooktacular business. Reach out to us today!

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  1. from Pumpkin spoon to zombie stress reliever to that cute pumpkin bags every product you have mentioned are awesome

  2. All the products mentioned above are very cute. I like Ghost Sipper Cup the most as it is the most useful one among the all. Thanks for sharing these cutest ideas with us!

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