6 Kickstarter Gadgets You Can Take Home Soon


Society depends on tech gadgets. Every day, people are walking the streets wearing wireless headphones, checking in with “Alexa” on the weather, and running to the closest retail store when a new tech product is released.

Every day, new gadgets are being developed, tested, and marketed, with hopes that they will take off and become the next trendiest invention. The global crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, has helped bring many of these creative ideas to life.

Yes, there are thousands of products to sift through on Kickstarter, that’s why we did the work and picked out our favorite tech items that you can take home soon! Is it too early to be making a holiday wish list?

Chatterbox Smart Speaker

Meet Chatterbox, the smart speaker that kids can build. It’s the world’s first educational program-it-yourself speaker with its number one priority being privacy.

The speaker is made from recyclable chipboard and powered by the Raspberry Pi computer, the world’s most popular educational computer. Kids can also program Chatterbox’s listening and speaking capabilities via an easy-to-use app.

Why it matters: In this day and age, it’s important for children to learn and understand the ebbs and flows of technology trends. The Chatterbox Smart Speaker is easy for children to construct, promotes critical thinking, and will educate them on Artificial Intelligence and how this technology is changing our world.

 LUMI Keyboard

Learning a musical instrument takes hours of practice and years to master. Well, not anymore! The LUMI Keyboard is a new, smarter way to learn and play music. By playing hit songs on a light up, colorful keyboard, you’ll pick up the notes in no time.

Why it matters: Learning an instrument not only strengthens memory and reading skills, but also has been known to increase blood flow to the brain. It’s also a great daily hobby to enjoy and pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

Mikme Pocket Voice Recorder

Focus on what’s in front of the camera and never worry about inaudible, static sound again. Mikme Pocket is wireless and can record sound in just the click of a button. You can control this voice recorder via the Mikme App – listen, monitor, and level the sound with your smartphone. Plus, it’s lightweight and doesn’t add more pounds to your heavy camera equipment.

Why it matters: Mikme Pocket is great for content creators, journalists, filmmakers, and videographers and adds professional, high-quality sound to projects. Recording audio has never been easier!

Window Solar Charger

It seems like everything under the sun has been invented. The Window Solar Charger is designed to hang in any window and is perfect for apartment dwellers who can’t install solar panels on their roof.

Charge your phone or any other USB device, no outlets required. Simply hang the panel in any sunny window – it takes 8 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge the built-in battery – plug your device into the USB port and done! Kick back, let your phone charge, and know you are doing something good for the environment.

Why it matters: Solar energy will reduce your dependency on fossil fuels. This user-friendly invention will not only help anyone become eco-friendlier, but it will help shift the way we think about consuming energy.

Crypto Smart Ring

Step aside smartwatches because here come smart rings. Said to be the “next most important ring in your life,” the NXT Ring will store your contacts and medical information, access social networks, and even act as a cryptocurrency wallet.

Most smartwatches only track your steps and heart rate, and display notification alerts, however, NXT Ring is not only stylish, but acts as a digital wallet and organizer. Oh, and no charging required!

Why it matters: This is a new way to connect with others. No longer will you have to carry around personal essentials – take that bulky leather wallet!

Quickstarter POD

Distraction. In this digital age, it’s easy to lose focus. From social media and text messages to vlogs and Candy Crush (don’t pretend you’ve never played it 😉), it’s challenging to sit down and crank out a project when there are countless interruptions flashing in front of you.

With Quickstarter POD, you can set it next to your workspace and use it to break down your most daunting tasks into short intervals that are spaced out by short breaks. Plus, instead of a loud alarm, POD uses flashing lights to alert you when it’s time to take a break.

Why it matters: It’s a little device that will help you accomplish big tasks. Our lives are busy, POD will enhance your time-management skills and change the way you work.

There you have it! Regardless if you are trying to go green and save energy or simply have an itch to learn a musical instrument, Kickstarter has an array of tech gadgets for every type of consumer. Discover other innovative inventions by visiting Kickstarter’s tech section here.

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