How to Get the Most out of Tradeshows With SAGE Mobile


Tradeshows are a great way to find new products, attend education sessions, and make valuable industry connections, but it can be difficult to stay on track once you get there. With SAGE Show right around the corner, we want to teach you how to use SAGE Mobile’s tradeshow planner so you can get the most out of tradeshows. Here are five things you can do in SAGE Mobile that will make your tradeshow experience even better!

You’ll want to start with downloading the app to your iOS or Android device.

Create a Walk List

Seeing all the exhibitors on the show floor can be overwhelming and planning the most efficient way to see all your favorite suppliers isn’t an easy task on your own. By creating a walk list in SAGE Mobile, you will be guided to each booth on your walk list based on the most efficient route!

  • From the Home Screen, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner and select Tradeshows. Select the show you’re attending to open up the tradeshow planner.
  • Select Exhibitor List from the menu to see a comprehensive list of all the suppliers on the show floor.
  • When you find a supplier’s booth that you’d like to visit, just tap the Walk List icon next to that supplier to add them to your list. To see more detailed information, you can also tap on the supplier and then hit Exhibitor Information. Hit the Back button and select the Walk List tab to see a neatly organized list of just the suppliers you want to visit.
  • In SAGE Mobile, you can sort your walk list based on the company name, booth number, or even how you prefer to walk the floor; zig-zag or up one side and back down. This makes it easy and efficient to collect a checklist so that you don’t miss any of your favorites.

Expedited Badge Pickup

Once you get to the show, your badge pickup information will automatically appear in SAGE Mobile so you can use the quick print kiosks to scan the barcode, print your badge, and enter the show quickly and easily. You can also open up SAGE Mobile and tap on Badge Pickup in the tradeshow planner to access your registration barcode for expedited entry.

See how badge pickup and other great SAGE Mobile features work in this video:

QR Code Scanner

You can use the QR code scanner to save time and quickly access exhibitor information. SAGE Mobile has several ways to keep track of all your information; you can take pictures, write notes, and record videos about your favorite products that you find at the show. 

  • After pulling up the exhibitor information with the QR scanner, you can tap Exhibitor Details to pull up an area where you can type notes or add visual ones. Selecting the Camera icon below the notes field allows you the option of taking a photo reminder. The Video icon right beside it will allow you to add another visual reminder of the supplier’s products. Recording a voice memo is also an option with the Microphone icon.

Navigate the Show Floor

SAGE Mobile has an interactive map of the tradeshow floor as well as a list of every exhibitor. By selecting the interactive Floor Plan from the menu you can see a comprehensive view of the booths and mark them off as you go.

  • Tap on the highlighted booth, and then select Mark as Visited. Once you mark a booth as visited, it will change the visited booths on your walk list from red to green.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a supplier, you can search for their information in the Search Box on the floor plan. Once it pulls up the name of the supplier, you can tap on it to take you directly to their location on the floor plan!

Register for Education Sessions

With SAGE Mobile, you can access the full education schedule at any time. Check what time education sessions start, mark the ones you want to attend, and even add them to your calendar. During the sessions, you can take notes and then email them to yourself or colleagues afterward.

  • Tap on the Schedule icon to see the entire show schedule and select the Education tab for a list of the sessions that will be offered at the show.
  • Select a session from the list for more information and tap Add to my Calendar to create a new event in your phone’s calendar.

We hope that these SAGE Mobile tips will make your next tradeshow easier, especially with SAGE Show right around the corner on Thursday, August 29, 2019! SAGE Show is in Irving, Texas and is free for all promotional products distributors and their clients. If you haven’t yet, you can register for SAGE Show here and invite your clients to attend.

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