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Suppliers often have customer service as their top priority, which means keeping up with the latest tools and technology that e-commerce customers have come to expect. Think back to the last time had a question about a product or wanted more information about an order. Did you have to call and wait on hold forever? How about sending a customer service email and waiting 48-hours for a response? Or, did the company have a live chat option so you could get help immediately? Customers have come to expect immediacy in every aspect of the order process. If they have a question and can get an answer immediately, they are more likely to continue using your company in the future. Live chat helps improve customer satisfaction, reduce friction, and can boost your brand reputation. That is why we have launched SAGE Chat, to help suppliers and distributors give their customers a better purchasing experience. Here are some of the top ways SAGE Chat can help streamline your business and improve customer service.

Make it Convenient for Customers

One of the most important parts of customer service is that it’s convenient for the customers to use! If they have to go out of their way to sort through a FAQ list or search your website for a contact form, they’re more likely to give up and move on to the next company. With SAGE Chat, a chat icon will be next to your company information listed in SAGE Online, as well as next to every product you have listed in SAGE. As soon as a distributor has a question, they can easily click on that icon, open a chat with one of your team members, and get the answers they need right away.

Providing answers to questions is only one part of customer service, being pro-active in updates and information is another huge part of the customer experience! Your customers shouldn’t have to follow up multiple times to get the tracking information to see the status of their order. Sending them a quick SAGE Chat update as soon as it ships with the tracking information is more convenient for both of you!

SAGE Chat makes it fast and easy to stay in contact with your customers in a way that’s convenient for them so you can improve your customer retention. 

Save Time for Your Team

Customer service teams often get the same questions over and over again throughout the day, this is where quick replies come in handy. Rather than spending the time to type the same email reply multiple times a day, they can enter in their commonly used phrases and answers into the quick messages feature in SAGE Chat. Once these are set up, they can send their frequently used messages with just one click to save more time to assist the customer with their question. 

You can also divide your team into call groups which will ensure that customers are being helped by the correct person every time they have a question. So when a distributor has a specific question, they can get help from the correct person rather than having to be transferred to different departments while having to re-explain the problem to multiple people. For example, you can create an “Accounts Receivable” group, a “Customer Service” group, a “Shipping and Handling” group, and more!

Improve Brand Identity

If you respond 48 hours after your customers have a question, it’s unlikely they are even thinking about your product anymore. They might have forgotten completely or moved on to a competitor who was able to answer their question faster. In order to stand out from your competitors, you’ll need a strong brand identity. SAGE Chat lets distributors easily connect with a representative from your company so they can build a relationship with you. SAGE Chat also allows you to set your business hours, so distributors know when you are available to chat and help with any needs they may have. Providing quick responses to their questions and immediately addressing their problems sets you apart as trustworthy and reliable so they’ll want to come back and order from your company again and again.

Receive Instant Customer Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is one of the most important ways to grow and improve your business. SAGE Chat allows you to send images and files as attachments so you can send over an artwork proof and get approval or edits in real-time! Live chat makes it fast and easy for distributors to let you know what they are thinking throughout the order process, such as feedback on virtual mockups, artwork, and the final product!

Live chat support is a huge opportunity for businesses to add impactful customer service and save their teams time and effort. You can use these tips to improve your customer experience and build better customer relationships in real-time. Best of all, SAGE Chat is available to Advantage Members at no additional cost! You can learn more about SAGE Chat and download it from today to get started.

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