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When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? Twinkling lights. Icing-coated cookies. Family gatherings.

How about The Salvation Army bell ringers you see standing outside of your local grocery store? These bell ringers are not only known for collecting funds that will help low-income families in communities across the country, but they’re also known for the iconic red aprons they wear.

One company in Phoenix, Arizona is already planning for the holidays. DollarDays has a special tie to The Salvation Army bell ringers, quite literally – providing all 20,000 red aprons to the volunteers.

The Salvation Army is just one of the many charities DollarDays has worked with since opening its doors in Phoenix, Arizona.

Let the Sunshine In

The average days of sun in Phoenix are 299 days. DollarDays radiates sunshine all year round, helping brighten the lives of people around the world. Since its inception in 2001, DollarDays has supplied wholesale goods for nonprofits, businesses, and betterment organizations, with the goal to help customers accomplish their charitable work.

From Kiwanis International to Toys for Tots, DollarDays has partnered with more than 40,000 nonprofit customers and continues to have its work shine through.

“It’s the feel-good part of our business,” said Mike Stringer, vice president and general manager of DollarDays. “We are always trying to teach social responsibility.”

It’s important to note that while a huge part of DollarDays purpose is working with charitable organizations, the company also sells thousands of products to distributors around the world. From casinos to healthcare, DollarDays has seen and done it all!

A couple of years ago, Mike recalls receiving a frantic phone call from a distributor. It was the day before Thanksgiving and the caller needed 500,000 toys the following week for a last-minute charity event. “We stayed in the office for 36 hours, pulled toys from 13 warehouses, shipped 49 truckloads in seven days all to one location.”

This is just one example of DollarDays’ constant commitment to customers.

The Heart Behind the Company

DollarDays may supply nonprofits thousands of high-value products, but they also have developed the 5% Give-Back Program. When customers purchase through DollarDays, a 5% product credit is donated to a nonprofit, school, or church of their choice.

“We wanted to put our money where our mouth is,” Mike explained. “I’m proud of the work we are doing for others.”

Carly Figman, account-based marketing manager at DollarDays, also added that employees are encouraged to volunteer at charities of their choice. “We highly encourage volunteerism and everyone is extremely involved,” Carly said.

Whether it’s planting flowers in a community garden, or playing with the pets at a local animal shelter, employees receive paid days off to step away from their desk, leave the office, and make a difference in their community.

“Our volunteer program is a prime opportunity to connect with our local community, but also to see how we can better serve non-profits around the country. We have taken part in park and playground cleanups, food collection and delivery, and painting local businesses. Year over year we continue to increase our number of volunteer hours and we have no intention of slowing down to help all of the amazing organizations in the Phoenix area,” Carly explained.

Forward-Thinking With Backpacks

A backpack is a very personal item for a child. It not only carries their school supplies and packed lunches, but backpacks reflect their personalities – from the exterior’s colors, to the keychains and flair pinned onto the straps.

With 15 million impoverished children living in America, many families simply can’t afford the necessary school supplies, including backpacks, that support their child’s educational journey.

DollarDays recognized this painful reality and launched a premium backpack line at an affordable price, donating them to schools and working with charities to promote them. The name of these backpacks? Forward. And that’s precisely what they do, help students carry their success and dreams forward.

Designing and distributing Forward backpacks to schools and churches isn’t the first time DollarDays has been involved in helping low-income students get the supplies they need. It’s first private-label venture, the Big Box, was a pre-filled school supply kit with all of the necessary tools children needed to help make their time in the classroom easier and more productive.

Starting at $2.50 per bag, the Forward backpacks are donated to schools, but also serve as promotional products at churches and educational fundraising events. “Because the price is minimal, more organizations can utilize these backpacks, stretch their dollars, and help more people,” Mike said.

During the backpack collection’s six-week pre-ordering period, customers purchased nearly 45,000 backpacks!

So, what’s in store for DollarDays?

Well, because the Forward backpacks have been a huge hit, DollarDays is designing the second generation of backpacks that features a water bottle holder, air-wicking straps, and it’s easier to zip. “We’re always coming out with new and unique items,” Mike said. “That’s just what we love to do.”

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