7 Essentials for Every College Student


Summer isn’t over yet, but next month college campuses will be flooded with students moving into dorms and venturing around campus. Clients (aka parents) will appreciate these seven products for their college students because it’s one more item they can check off their endless shopping list.

Port Authority Small Contrast Duffel Bag

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Going off to college means packing up clothes, electronics, and other personal belongings that are sentimental to students. The best way to transport everything is with long-lasting duffel bags, like this Port Authority Small Contrast Duffel Bag! Made with 600 denier polyester, this duffel bag is durable and features a large compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, mesh end pocket, and a front slip pocket for easy decoration.

USB 2.0 Wristband Flash Drive – 512 MB 

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“My dog ate my homework.” No longer can students use this excuse. Now, all their important documents and assignments can be electronically stored in a flash! These wearable wristband flash drives are perfect for busy students who don’t even have enough time to heat up a Hot Pocket. The comfortable silicone strap allows for easy access and mobility. Say goodbye to losing your flash drive in the bottom of your backpack, this is a simple college essential and great to pass out to new students during orientation week!

First Aid Kit

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Contrary to what students think, they are not accident-prone. Fortunately, these first aid kits will help care for any scrapes or cuts they encounter throughout the school year. This kit features a weather-resistant vinyl zip pouch with a carabiner key chain. Inside, there’s an assortment of Band-Aids, two antiseptic wipes, two sting relief pads, and four alcohol pads.

25 oz. Fruit Fusion Bottle

SAGE #56780

“Study hard and hydrate,” says every students’ parents. When teenagers are running to class, studying countless hours for exams, and well… having a successful evening bar-hopping, it’s crucial to drink lots of water – 8 glasses a day to be exact. Made in the USA, this water bottle has a chamber in the center where students can flavor their drinking water with fruits and herbs. Plus, the bottle is spill resistant and has an easy carry handle for on the go.

Micro Plush Blanket

SAGE #53149

Cozy up with this super soft fleece blanket when studying for exams, binging a Netflix show, or taking a much-needed nap. These colorful blankets are the perfect way to spruce up their dorm room and make them feel like they’re back at home. Available in 11 colors, these blankets can easily be personalized and match most school colors. Now, that’s the spirit!

Collapsible Laundry Baskets

SAGE #50463

One way to keep dorm rooms organized is with laundry baskets. Gone are the days of parents doing their children’s laundry – just kidding that will still happen, but at least they can toss their dirty clothes into this basket instead of hanging them off the bed post. Made of polyester and mesh, this basket has a large volume to store dirty clothes and is lightweight, so students can easily carry it to the dorm’s laundry room… or their parent’s house 😉.

Duo Bike Light Set

SAGE #60462

Ride, don’t walk. Many college campuses span miles, so what better way to get from point A to point B than on a bicycle? Your clients will appreciate these bike light sets that will keep their children safe on the road after nighttime classes. The container has two lights – a clear one for the front of the bike, and a red one for the back. Lights can be adjusted to three different speeds.

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