Supplier Spotlight: Drinkable Advertisement Makes a Splash


We’re all constantly on the go, and of course, need to stay hydrated. From checking into hotels to buying a new car, no matter what you’re doing, you can usually guarantee one thing – there will always be a branded bottle of water waiting for you to drink.

More businesses than ever are handing out promotional products to their customers, including personalized bottled water for them to enjoy.

One company that has been at the forefront of the bottling industry is Alexa Springs in Coppell, Texas.

Diving Into the Industry  

Spanning across the state of Arkansas, embedded in the exquisite landscape are the iconic hot springs. Years ago, Marshall Sorokwasz traveled to “The Natural State” with the sole purpose of looking at property. While touring the land, he stepped into a high-pressure spring. Curious, Marshall tested the water – it was pristine. He purchased the land, and that was the inception of Alexa Springs.

Opening its doors in 2004, Alexa Springs today is one of the leading companies that sells bottled water with custom labels. Microsoft, The Home Depot, and Ford are just a few of the many companies Alexa Springs has worked with, and it continues to cater to a wide range of industries. Health care, retail, education – you name it, Alexa Springs promotes it.

Alexa Springs’ water source is extracted from a protected spring nestled in the middle of the Ouachita National Forest near the small town of Mount Ida, Arkansas. With a population of only 974, the springs are surrounded by national forests – eliminating any concern about pollution and other dangers.

Have you ever opened a bottle of water, took a sip, and thought, “man, that’s the best H2O I’ve ever tasted?” Chances are, you were drinking Alexa Springs bottled water. Bottled with only the freshest, highest-quality water, Alexa Springs’ mission is to provide only the best.

While Alexa Springs’ initial success was from selling bottled water, in 2009, the company recognized a need for custom-label bottles.

It wasn’t an easy feat. Alexa Springs received negative feedback, at first, because of the outstanding shipping costs, preventing many distributors to shield away from purchasing bottled water. Alexa Springs National Account Manager Bryan Fichtner explained it took several years to reassure companies that there are no exponential shipping costs when they order bottled water through Alexa Springs.

“Now that we’ve put most of the industry at ease, our growth has been exponential,” said Bryan Fichtner. “The last two years we have doubled in size, allowing us to bring on new equipment, making our product even that much better.”

Why Alexa Springs?

Bottled water is a pretty common product, so why do people work with Alexa Springs over other competitors?

Well, for one, the company has seven strategic shipping locations across the United States, ensuring customers receive their custom-label bottles as quickly as possible. No more waiting last minute for your products to show up the morning of an event. And, because of the seven locations, shipping costs are also minimal.

Alexa Springs also designs and produces everything in-house. Experts blow the bottles, print the labels, and run the state-of-the-art bottling line, which can fill, cap, label, and package the natural spring bottled water with custom labels at a rate of 400 bottles per minute using only machines.

Because everything is made in-house, that means zero interference from third parties, allowing Alexa Springs to control the quality of the product and provide customers with only the highest-quality bottled water. Oh… and bonus – the benefit of everything being produced by Alexa Springs means there is never a setup fee. “This gives us a massive advantage as we don’t have to pay third party costs,” explained Bryan.

Printing is also a major factor as to why clients love working with Alexa Springs. Using top-notch printing machines, the label’s decoration quality is unparalleled. On-site graphic designers can even design and proof labels – free of charge. We promise, this is not a joke.

Splash Forward

Today, Alexa Springs continues to strive to meet and exceed customer demands. By also regularly introducing new products, the company is able to stay on trend and be recognized as a leader within the industry.

Flash forward to the future, what’s in store for Alexa Springs? Well, introducing more new products, for one, along with striving to be the best for every customer. When asked what the company’s goal is, Bryan responded, “It’s simple… to be number one!”

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