7 Wireless Tech Promotional Products


It seems like there are new cutting-edge gadgets coming to market every day. It’s getting hard to keep up with what is really going to make your life easier and what’s just hype. Wireless tech products are here to stay as more and more people are eager to cut the cord of being tethered to an outlet. We’ve put together 7 of the coolest wireless tech promotional products right now that are sure to impress even the techies.

Wireless Headphones

SAGE Item # EL176

Who wants to spend time untangling wires every time they pull out their headphones? Enjoy the freedom of going wireless. No more accidentally unplugging your headphones in the middle of your favorite song or knocking your phone off the table when you turn around. These headphones let you go anywhere and take your music with you!

Wireless Speakers


This wireless speaker is equipped with a virtual assistant and can give you the weather report, set a timer, find information on countless topics, or even share updates on the score of any game. Personal assistant speakers, also known as smart speakers, are not just a way to listen to music and podcasts, they give your clients a way to complete multiple tasks with just their voice! 

Wireless Charging Pad

SAGE Item # ECP-PD19

Wireless charging devices are becoming more common as most new phones have wireless charging capabilities. This futuristic charging method means no more replacing frayed charging cables or having to keep different chargers for friends and family members. With this device, just place the phone on the charger and pick it up when it’s charged!

Wireless Power Bank

SAGE Item # 2956

Power banks are a hot item in the promotional products world since they are a convenient way to make sure your phone never runs out of power. Take it to the next level with wireless power banks and really wow your clients. These are the perfect travel companion, especially on the tradeshow floor when outlets are few and far between or for your international clients so they don’t have to worry about adapters. Whether on a plane, train, or automobile, just put the phone on top of the power pad and it will refill its charge in no time!

Wireless Mouse


SAGE Item #76016

A wireless mouse is perfect for anyone that lives life on the go. They’re easy to keep in a suitcase or carry on and you’ll never have to worry about it getting tangled with your laptop cords. There’s also plenty of room to show off your client’s logo so people all over the world can see it!

Wireless Microphone

SAGE Item # ESP-SC17

This wireless microphone and speaker, all wrapped up in one, is sure to get the party started! Clients will love that you can also use this microphone as a wireless speaker to amplify music from your phone or sing along to your favorite songs. Now, there’s no need for expensive speakers, equipment, or even wires for a karaoke party. 

Wireless tracker

SAGE Item # 2690

Wireless two-way Bluetooth trackers can be put on your keys, luggage, purse, wallet, or any item that can be easily lost or misplaced. These Bluetooth trackers sync with an app that sends an alert signal to your phone so you can find your lost belongings in a flash. Alternately, if your phone is missing, just press the button on the tracker to send the alert signal to your phone. 

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  1. So far all the products you have written are very good. I personally like power bank as they are very useful and even those cute trackers for someone like me who always have a tendency to lose things.

  2. i think wireless headphones are my choice from the list and also that wireless charging pad best
    nice article

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