Supplier Spotlight: T-Shirts Can Really Be This Amazing


Fifteen years ago, in Downtown Los Angeles, Joe Simsoly opened a business called Next Level Apparel. That business sold custom cycling, soccer, and band merchandise.

Naturally, that merchandise included t-shirts. Although Next Level had such a narrow focus, other businesses in Downtown LA started seeking them out. They wanted Next Level to make promotional shirts for them as well. A few turned into a lot, and soon enough, he was fully in the promotional business.

There was a void in the promotional industry for the best version of a t-shirt, and Next Level decided to fill it. The company began selling promotional shirts in a range of colors, with high-quality fabrics and designed to be worn as a regular shirt, prominently displaying the brand’s logo. Now, promotional t-shirts are everywhere and abundant. Brands love to invest in them because every time a person wears one, their logo is on display for everyone they encounter. Next Level Apparel changed the culture of wearing t-shirts, taking it from a nondescript undergarment to people’s favorite shirt. And the more people loved wearing their shirts, the more Next Level customers benefit.

Next Level Apparel’s tagline is, Made to Inspire,  and that follows through. They have the good sense to know that a high-quality, comfortable shirt would be better for brands. They make an effort to source ethically and promote sustainability. Next Level serves customers the best fabric blends, cuts, sizes, colors, prices and turn around orders fast.

Reinventing the T-Shirt

If you have more than one t-shirt, then you probably know the difference in how it feels to wear your favorite t-shirt and the one that you only keep around for the next time you have to paint.

Next Level Apparel makes the kind you actually love wearing.

Even though they make the best promotional shirts on the market, Next Level never stops improving their offerings. Fashion trends change, so what looks hip today, may not be stylish tomorrow. And people’s bodies are different so there is no end to how many types of fits and cuts could be made for every person to have a perfectly fitting shirt. Between these two forces, there will always be a need for new types of t-shirts. To meet this ongoing demand, Next Level Apparel is always coming out with new products and improving upon existing ones. From pure cotton fabrics to blends, this company has comfort and style in mind with materials as much as design.

Proud Moments in Promotional Industry

Next Level works with a lot of remarkable brands, but two collaborations stand out.

Next Level Apparel was the very first sponsor of the Crossfit Games. The Crossfit Games’ organizers were personal fans of Next Level Apparel before the sponsorship, which made them their first choice. Not only was Next Level Apparel a favorite of the organizers, the individuals loved their Crossfit shirts so much, they called their distributors and requested Next Level Apparel.

After years of working together, they continue to have a very close affiliation with the Crossfit community.

Another stand-out collaboration is with South by Southwest (SXSW). SXSW is a huge event that started as a music festival and expanded to include professional conferences across many industries. It’s held annually in Austin, Texas.

And for this enormous event, Next Level Apparel has been the official t-shirt sponsor for the last four years. Every year, it grows and really shows off how many industries can use t-shirts, and how many ways t-shirts can be used.

T-shirts today are the de facto casual uniform and staple in everyone’s closet. Brands can capitalize on this by continuing to invest in one of the most universal items in the promotional industry and demanding the very best of it.

What is Next for Next Level Apparel?

There will always be a next for Next Level Apparel. It is the company’s mission to seek out new ways to improve constantly.

One of the biggest priorities is to listen to customers.

This is the best way to see what they want and create products they love.

Their favorite way to listen to customers is by going to tons of trade shows, more than 50 every year. This face-time allows Next Level to truly get a feel for what customers are looking for in their products. At a trade show, customers can interact with the products, and see what they like. It’s one thing to read a good description about how soft it is; it’s another to pick up a sueded tee and be totally surprised at how soft it is. Plus, as customers interact with the products the Next Level team can get feedback. They’re able to use these in-person interactions to connect with customers and find out what they really want.

Not surprisingly, soft shirts are not the only customer demand anymore. Consumers today are more conscious of where their purchases come from and the environmental impact.

Hearing the call for duty, Next Level Apparel began expanding their offerings that are made in their LA factory. Customers wanted products made in the USA so, they delivered.

Another significant customer request was for sustainable t-shirts. Next Level started working with recycled polyester, organic cotton and creating shirts that will last longer too. Not long after, they came up with a sustainable DryFit athletic shirt to offer eco-conscious customers too.

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