Your SAGE Print Studio Questions Have Been Answered!


If you’ve ever wondered how to use the SAGE Print Studio to create custom catalogs or wanted more information about how to add artwork and custom logos, this blog post is for you.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the SAGE Print Studio, and answers from the experts!

Q: What’s the difference between SAGE Inspire, Print Studio Digest, and Print Studio Large catalogs?

A: SAGE Inspire Catalogs are filled with popular promotional products designed specifically for your customers. The SAGE Inspire Catalog is a digest-size catalog and has 145 pages containing 500 unique products. Inspire Catalogs allow for front and back cover customization but the products, text, and images inside the catalog cannot be changed or removed. You can add your logo to one of our 20 pre-designed covers, or upload your own! View a sample SAGE Inspire virtual flipbook here

On the other hand, Print Studio Catalogs are completely customizable from the products, graphics, text, logos, and more! The digest-size catalog is 5.25″ x 8″ and you can add up to 32 pages with five different page layout options for a maximum of 128 products. The large-size catalog is 8.25″ x 10.5″ and has eight-page layouts to choose from for a maximum of 192 products.

Watch this video to find out more about our Print Studio options:

Q: Why should I consider using a custom catalog?

A: Professional catalogs are an important part of any company’s marketing mix for many reasons. They can win over new customers, motivate repeat purchases, and increase your brand recognition. Because you are able to customize all the products inside the catalog, you can specially tailor your catalogs to different industries so every client can find exactly what they need. You can add products from your preferred vendors, upload custom logos, design your own pages, customize the product information text and pricing information so the catalog is completely customized for your business needs. The SAGE Print Studio allows you to order as few as one catalog if you are targeting a specific client or as many as 5,000 if you are going to a large event.

Q: What are the different cover options?

A: There are 35 pre-designed cover options available for custom catalogs in the Print Studio. You are free to add your logo, contact information, or other information to any of our cover options, or upload your own custom artwork!

See more cover options here!

Q: How can I set up a custom cover?

A: The Print Studio gives you the ability to upload a custom front and back design for a custom Print Studio Catalog, or for a SAGE Inspire Catalog. You can create your own design in your graphic design software and then click on “Design Your Cover” and select “Upload Custom Cover” to add your artwork to the catalog.

The recommended sizes for custom covers are:

  • Inspire Cover: 1613 pixels X 2475 pixels (75-pixel trim edge)
  • Digest Catalog Cover: 1613 pixels X 2475 pixels (75-pixel trim edge)
  • Large Catalog Cover: 2513 pixels X 3225 pixels (75-pixel trim edge)
  • Flyer: 2475 pixels x 3225 pixels (1/8 margin around background image)

In the Print Studio, the front cover and the back cover are joined at the spine. We recommend using one of our templates to ensure none of your artwork is cut off and your covers are printed properly. Download the front and back cover templates for your cover here.

Q: What is the recommended size for my logo?

A: We recommend that your logo be at least 1163 pixels wide, which will ensure that your logo is large enough to fit our template. You can upload either a .jpeg, a .png, an adobe illustrator, or .eps file. To ensure your final product is print quality, save your files in CMYK mode at 300 dpi (dots per inch) and set your vector files up on an artboard with the recommended dimensions. 

If you need a vector logo or need help formatting your artwork correctly you can use SAGE ArtworkZone to help with any of your artwork needs.

Q: What if I only want to feature a handful of products?

A: You can create a custom flyer in the Print Studio as well! The Print Studio lets you design custom flyers that can be printed either single or double-sided to compliment your marketing campaigns. Just upload your artwork and contact information, then choose any products from the SAGE database. Include a single featured product or up to 24 products with the 12-page layout options so everyone can find something they like. You also have the option to add a custom header, footer, and background. Print Studio custom flyers are great presentation tools, or to use as a handout for marketing at tradeshows and events.

Q: Can I change the size or placement of my product images?

A: Yes! There are different page layout options you can choose from for your catalog, with options that have smaller product images like five products per page, to a single large product image. Once you have selected your page layout, you can change the order of your products by selecting a product and clicking the “Move Left” or “Move Right” buttons on the top of the screen.

Q: How long does it take for a Print Studio project to ship?

A: Both SAGE Inspire Catalogs and SAGE Print Studio Catalogs typically ship just two business days after the final approval is complete.

You can learn more about how to start designing your very own catalogs and flyers in the SAGE Print Studio here! If you have more questions, we have lots of training resources available to SAGE users, including two live webinars every month, how to videos, white papers, and more! Check out our resources page for more information. 

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