How to Put Together an Onboarding Kit


Employee engagement starts the second a new employee walks in the door, so it’s important for companies to make a good impression on their first day! The onboarding process shouldn’t just be about filling out paperwork. Instead, more and more companies are giving new hires all the tools they need to succeed as soon as they get there with an onboarding kit. The best onboarding kits add value by including a variety of informative items, practical items, and some fun pieces. Here are some of our top picks for what to include in a new hire onboarding kit.

Folder for Essentials

SAGE Item #CF-150

Folders can help your clients keep all their new hires’ paperwork organized. They can even include some personal touches like a welcome letter, office map, company history, and a checklist of things to get done in the first month.

Coffee Mug

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Whether you’re a coffee person or a tea person, mugs are a classic promotional product for the office and are a great way for your client to let their new hires know they’re a part of the team.


SAGE Item #DOV-100

Notebooks are an important staple in a new employee welcome kit. There is a lot of information being thrown at new hires between training, team meetings, and education sessions. Giving them somewhere to keep all their notes will make it easy to refer back to everything they learned as they navigate their new role!


SAGE Item #LPY34

Lanyards are a great way for every employee to keep track of their office keys or even attach their employee ID card to the clip so they never lose it!

Flash Drive

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The great thing about creating a custom onboarding kit is it can be personalized for each company or even for the specific role of their employee. If your client’s company uses flash drives to take presentations or documents around to client meetings, this would be a helpful item to include. If the employee is going to be traveling all over the country, it might be a good idea to give them a laptop bag that they can bring on flights.

Branded Apparel

Left: SAGE Item #1000 Right: SAGE Item #HT640

Apparel might not be a necessity when starting a new job, but it is definitely a perk that new hires will want! Depending on your client’s dress code, you could include a hoodie, polo, or a classic t-shirt to add some excitement to any onboarding kit.

Water Bottle



Insulated water bottles make staying healthy and hydrated easy! Plus, they can take it out to the gym or on a walk and show off your client’s logo and let everyone know how easy their transition to their new role has been thanks to the onboarding kit.


SAGE Item #2798

In the modern office, headphones have become a necessity so everyone can listen to their own music or podcasts. Including a good set of headphones in the onboarding kit is a great way to give new hires a peaceful work environment that everyone can enjoy.

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