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At SAGE, one of our goals is to help you save time and make running your business easier than ever! Saving a few minutes on the things you do every day can really add up and give you the opportunity to focus on bigger and better things. Whether you’re new to SAGE or an experienced user, we’ve got five of our favorite tips and tricks that can help you streamline your business!

Set Up Preference Groups

This is possibly one of the most important things you can do to save yourself time when searching for products. If you have preferred vendors that you enjoy working with, you can add them to a preference group.

You can set up different color-coded groups for groups of vendors that give you special pricing, help you with rush orders, have top quality products, or are just generally nice to work with. Whatever the reason, having your preferred vendors set up in your preference groups can help you narrow down your search results and ensure that the products you see are coming from one of your trusted suppliers. Setting up preference groups is easy! Just click on Tools on the top menu in SAGE Online, then go to Options and click on the Preference Groups tab to add, change, or remove preference groups.

If you want more information on how to create and manage preference groups, check out this quick tutorial!

Add Clients to the CRM Module

The CRM module in SAGE Online is where you can store all your client data like contact information, order history, logos, and even notes from your last phone call. With all this information in one place, you can help your clients with re-orders in just a few clicks, find a specific product from your last presentation, and easily add their stored logos to product mockups.

Use Client Groups for Easy Target Marketing

You can also use the CRM module to create specific client groups for different industries, locations, or even separate lists for prospective customers and customers who have ordered recently. Sorting clients into groups will help you send targeted emails to everyone on your list. Start by choosing one of the pre-designed email campaigns in SAGE Online, then on the distribution page you can select your client group on the CRM dropdown menu, and send! Segmenting your emails is a great way to make sure all your customers are getting the content that is most relevant to them so you can keep your email list engaged. 

Here’s how you can get started with SAGE Email Campaigns today!

Generate Ideas With Theme Search

If you’ve ever had a client that doesn’t know what they want yet and they need you to send them some ideas, then the theme search is for you! Let’s say your customer is having a golf fundraiser. You could spend time brainstorming product ideas with your team and then doing 10 different searches to find all the products they might need. Or, you could just enter “golf” into the theme search and let SAGE do the rest of the work for you! You’ll see a wide variety of options including towels, polos, umbrellas, tees, divot tools, and golf balls.

From here you can select the products that you want right from the search page and add directly to your presentation! Just select the products you think would be a good fit for your client and hit 
+ Presentation
at the bottom of the page.

Send Your Clients a Web Presentation

Once you have added your favorite products to a presentation, click on the Share option in the left navigation to send your clients a link to your web presentation. This allows them to open a fully responsive presentation from anywhere which means it will look the same on their computer, phone, and tablet. You will receive an alert when they open the presentation so you can follow-up with them once they’ve had time to review the products. There is also a comment section on each product so they can leave feedback and you can reply right on the presentation which helps reduce the back and forth emails. There is also a buy now button which links directly to that product page on your SAGE Website so they can order the products they need right away!

If you want to learn more tips and tricks, you can check out these education sessions from SAGE Conference 2019attend one of our free education events, or watch some of our how-to videos. You can learn how to use the SAGE Virtual Design Studio, how to customize your SAGE Website, how to add clients to the SAGE CRM module, and everything else you’ll need to streamline your day-to-day operations!

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