How to Inspire Your Customers With New Product Ideas


Generating new leads is an important part of any business, but wouldn’t it be great if you also could get your existing customers to purchase more products and purchase them more often? One of the easiest ways to encourage your current customers to purchase more frequently is to show them fresh new product ideas and let the creative juices start flowing!

Here are four ways you can help your clients generate new marketing ideas to keep them coming back for more.

1. Show Curated Collections on Your Website

Customers don’t always know what they’re looking for when they’re browsing a website, so let your content steer them in the right direction. Use curated online showrooms on your homepage to show off all the amazing products you have to offer.

SAGE Signature Collections take the guesswork out of idea generation. We pre-select relevant products and put them into themed collections like sports and fitness, awards, office promos, and more so your customers can always find exactly what they’re looking for on your website. Signature Collections are now available on SAGE Website StandardProfessional, and Professional Plus! We automatically rotate the featured products and information monthly, so your website visitors have fresh inspiration. Check out this example site to see how they’ll look on your website!

2. Share Content on Social Media

You can use the power of social media to inspire your customers to order new products by posting about new trends you are seeing in the industry. Improving your digital presence on social media can also give your company top-of-mind recognition with your clients so they think of you every time they need a new product. If you’re new to social media we put together a guide to help you get started, or if you need new material to post, you can use these shareable social media images.

3. Send Product Inspiration to Their Inbox

Email marketing can help build customer relationships and increase your repeat customers by putting timely products front-and-center in their inbox. Make sure the emails you send are showcasing trending products or product inspiration for the upcoming season so your clients can see all the options at their disposal. Being their source of fresh marketing inspiration is a great way to ensure they turn to you every time they have a new project or event.

And to top it off, if you have a SAGE Website, when your recipient clicks on a product, they’ll be taken directly to that product on your website, making conversion easy! Check out a few examples of our predesigned emails available in SAGE Online

4. Leave Them Wanting More

Print catalogs are a great way to get new product ideas right into your client’s hands! You can design your own completely custom catalogs in the SAGE Print Studio and even tailor it to specific industries to make sure your customer is getting the most relevant products for them. Then, you can give them out at client meetings to show off your capabilities or include a copy in every order you ship to show them a whole new world of promotional possibilities. Chances are, they’ll open your catalog and see the perfect product they never thought to ask for.

If you’re looking for an even easier way to inspire your customers with new products, just add your cover to our pre-designed SAGE Inspire Catalogs! You can add your logo to one of our pre-designed covers or upload your own cover art and they come pre-filled with hundreds of popular promotional products to take out all the guesswork.

Helping clients find new products that are interesting and relevant to them is a great way to encourage repeat business. Whether it’s online, through email, or in person, there are plenty of new products your clients might not have thought of that they can incorporate into their next marketing campaign. Want to make sharing inspiration even easier? Check out SAGE Website Professional Plus which comes with a full content package filled with industry relevant blogs, case studies, videos, signature product collections, and more!

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Linzy is a Marketing Coordinator at SAGE and an enthusiastic home baker. She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a B.B.A. in Marketing and has loved sharing fresh product ideas and marketing advice ever since.

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