4 Resolutions to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet


First things first, Happy New Year! We are so excited for everything 2019 will bring. Whether or not you make personal New Year’s resolutions, the start of the fiscal year is a great time to make business resolutions too! Here are four simple things you can do right now to start 2019 on the right foot and get set up for business success.

Reflect on the Past Year

Jumping into the new year head first might seem like the most productive way to start off 2019 but before you get too swept up in the day to day operations, take a moment to pause and reflect. Look back at the past year and make a list of your most and least successful practices. Are there any goals you set last year that you weren’t able to accomplish? Get together with your team and brainstorm a new strategy for how you can get there!

One of the biggest issues people run into when they set goals is thinking about the big picture and making big goals that require multiple steps. This can seem daunting. Break the big goals on your list into smaller tasks and tackle them one at a time to make even your biggest resolutions more manageable. If your goal is to improve customer experience, then your first step would be to check in with your customers to see what they thought of your customer service last year and if they have any suggestions for what can be improved. Then, you can share your goals with your team to inspire them to work on their customer service as well. Working together on a common goal can keep everyone on track and make it easier to conquer your biggest resolutions.

Refresh Your Website

When was the last time your website was updated? With how quickly technology evolves, websites that are just two years old start to look and feel outdated. Only half of small businesses have a website, and even fewer have ones that are mobile responsive. Now that the majority of customers are engaging with companies online, having a professional website could be the difference between a new customer and a lost sale. Look at your website through your customer’s eyes and ask yourself if you can easily navigate and find all the information your customer might need. 

Even if you still like the look of your website, you could focus on improving your SEO by publishing more relevant content on your blog or making it mobile friendly. If you’ve put off getting a new website or even refreshing your current site because it takes too much time and effort, we’re here to help! SAGE Websites make it fast and easy to launch a new website or even give you a fresh new look. Our websites are responsive, SSL supported, and SAGE Website Professional Plus even includes our full content package so your site will have relevant blog posts, case studies, videos, and more all provided by us! How much easier can it get?

Find New Ways to Connect With Customers

If your resolution is to grow your business, a good place to start is to get new customers and expand your network. You can increase the number of tradeshows and networking events you go to in 2019 so you can meet your customers face to face and build new relationships. Here’s a rundown of the SAGE events happening this year. 

You could also improve your digital presence on social media and let new customers find you! If you’re not active on social media, you’re missing out on thousands of potential customers that could be looking at your products! If you’re new to social media we put together a guide to help you get started, or if you need new material to post, you can use these shareable social media images.

Learn New Things

Whether it’s education about new industry trends, new products, or new technology, it is always beneficial to learn something new. Keeping up to date on what’s new can help you work smarter, not harder this year. If you’ve been meaning to learn more about how SAGE Online can help you save time with all your business tools in one place, we’d love to see you at SAGE Conference! You will learn new techniques and strategies to improve your business, gain insights on technology trends, and be the very first to preview the latest SAGE technology developments for the new year. We’ve got your back on what’s coming next at SAGE including tips and tricks from SAGE experts and even one-on-one training.

If you’re ready to learn and generate some new ideas for your business, here are some of our favorite topics from the SAGE Blog over the past year:

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We hope you have an amazing year!

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Linzy is a Marketing Coordinator at SAGE and an enthusiastic home baker. She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a B.B.A. in Marketing and has loved sharing fresh product ideas and marketing advice ever since.

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