5 Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Love


Corporate gifts represent gratitude, and they also offer an opportunity to enhance brand awareness. Let your customers know that the best way to stand out is to choose corporate gifts that are original, but also functional. Here are five of our favorite promotional products that make for perfect corporate gifts.

1. Leather Snap Portfolio

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There’s something both classy and classic about leather that is almost indescribable. Let’s try anyway. Think of the subtle texture of a glossy leather and how it slides off of the fingertips. And don’t get us started on the smell of good leather that somehow simultaneously evokes the dusty saddles of the Wild West, the boost of bravado that comes with a leather jacket, and the aged crocodile glory of your grandfather’s favorite watch. These classy portfolios allow for subtle branding and offer more than just the gift of gratitude, but the gift of style as well.

2. Letter Opener

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Papercuts are for people who don’t work with awesome businesses, so your clients and their customers should never get them. Instead, we suggest a branded letter opener. There are many styles of these available, including the sleek model above. Notice how the logo looks just as shiny as the blade! This is another gift that exudes style.

3. Glass Decanter

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A good decanter serves a dual purpose. Obviously, it decants your wine making it more enjoyable to the taste. A branded decanter, however, can also serve as a type of memento. Your customers will probably be more excited about the second purpose. Get their brands on here and then have them gift them to their client. Now, when their clients are not using the decanter, it will sit on a brass tray, a statue dedicated to their business. It’s a win, win, wine situation.

4. BBQ Set With Canvas Bag

SAGE Item: #T590B

When it comes to finding gifts at the curious intersections of function and fun, nothing quite does the trick like a BBQ set. If you have a keen eye, you’ll probably notice the differentiator in this particular set. Not only does it include stainless steel utensils, a grill brush, and a mitt, but the case is so fetching that you might guess it was a savvy co-worker’s messenger bag, not their weekend BBQ prep bag.

5. Beveled Tumbler

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When all else fails, you can always count on a coffee theme. This beautiful rose gold tumbler is a solid option. Going with something that has this almost brass-like finish, along with the bevel, helps the tumbler stand out and appear more like a museum piece than your go-to paper cup or coffee mug.

Looking for more corporate gift ideas? You might consider a board game from Wood Expressions. Read all about their awesome story in our Supplier Spotlight: How Wood Expressions Games Became a Big Player in the Promo Industry. And if you’re feeling like something fancy, try 9 Luxury Promotional Products That Bring the Wow Factor.

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