5 Promo Products Every Gamer Wants Now

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Gaming conventions like E3 and Gamescom draw in hundreds of thousands of attendees and contribute to a $115-billion industry. If you have customers who are involved in the gaming industry or even other industries that cater to the same people (think Comic-Con), you should be thinking of pitching some products that go beyond your basic convention swag. You can bet on your competitors to do the same.

The good news? While the competitors will have really lame promotional products, your customers will have the best in the entire convention. Here are a few solid options:

1.Plug-N-Play Retro Arcade Game


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If there’s one thing pretty much all gamers can agree on, it’s a common respect for the classics. 120-million people probably wouldn’t be playing Fortnite if the OGs of game design hadn’t gotten players started with classics like Pong, Pac-Man, and Space Invader.

This retro-style controller plugs right into a TV’s A/V input and includes 200 vintage inspired video games.

This is a perfect promo product for any company that works in gaming. Their customers will love it when they’re on the road and Jonesing for a little hotel jam session.

2. Pixel Shades


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This is the kind of promo product that says, “Sure, they’re funny looking but you sort of love them because you are a mad dog gamer and Minecraft is your homie.”

These shades are perfect for gamers who are into 8-bit, retro style. Add your customer’s logo to the side and tell them to watch as their advertisement traverses the convention floor with pixelated swagger.

3. Toadstool Inspired Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


SAGE Item #BT30-10

This Bluetooth toadstool speaker is an homage to the glory days of Nintendo and the coolest brothers in video game history–Mario and Luigi.


“It’s a-me, Mario!”

Bluetooth speakers are essential for any music-lover who doesn’t want to stick their phone in their front shirt pocket every time they jam their favorite track on iTunes.

Also, since Bluetooth syncs with mobile games, this gives mobile gamers the ability to pump up the volume when they play their favorite mobile titles.

Bonus: Did we mention this is waterproof? That makes it perfect for everything from pool parties to game sessions. The suction cup can even be applied to shower tiles (and the back of iPhones).

4. Retro Controller Pins


SAGE Item #SG-1790

Sure, plenty of gamers might show up to E3 dressed like Donkey Kong or Lara Croft, but for the more subtle fashionista, an enamel pin makes the perfect loyalty statement. Pictured are options for lovers of analog, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox.

These appx. 1×1-inch pins are perfect for hats, lapels, backpacks, and handbags. The retro design stands out and they become real conversation starters:

Ken: “That pin has got to be the greatest pin I’ve ever seen. Where’d you get it?”

Ryu: “I got it at XX booth. They know their stuff.”

Ken: “Amazing. I’m going to go talk to them.”

And…your customer is in.

5. VR Glasses



Virtual Reality is here and it’s on your phone! With these next-level VR glasses, your clients will alter the reality of every potential customer they come in contact with.

Mobile developers have been in a rush to create the best VR content, and these collapsible glasses allow for a comfortable trip down the VR rabbit hole.

The logo spot on this product is perfect. From park benches, airplane seats, and restaurants, everytime someone uses these VR glasses, they’ll be waving your customer’s logo around for the world to see.

We’re living in a virtual world and now you’ve got the virtual ticket.

Can you think of any other promo products that are perfect for gaming companies, and businesses that want to show up to big pop culture and gaming conventions? And if you’re into tech and gadgets, don’t forget to review our SAGE blog on Gadgets and Gear: 5 Tech Promos to Geek Out Over.

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  1. As a gamer and somebody in the promotional product industry too, I would prefer VR Glasses from this list :)

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