Predicting the Design Trends of 2018


…Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

1. Modern Still Life

Still life is, and forever will be, a beautiful way to display products. The twist in 2018? Bold colors, shapes, and abstraction. This trend started with high-end brands and luxury fashion, but this modern take on still life is not off-limits to any brand.

2. Anaglyphs & The Glitch Effect

Did you know 3D technology has been around for, well, quite a while?

“Joseph d’Almeida began projecting stereoscopic magic lantern slide shows using red and green filters with the audience wearing red and green goggles. This concept was later refined into the anaglyph, a single print of overlapping images in red and green/blue. This was the technique used by Hollywood for very early 3D feature films in the 1920s. Intriguingly, this is over 30 years before the introduction of stereo sound in the movies.”

Regardless of your feelings toward 3D movies now, these glitchy graphics are making their way into 2018 stronger than ever.

3. Double Exposure

We’re not just talking about the stereotypical wolf-in-the-snow type of double-exposure photography here (not that there is anything wrong with wolves in the snow, but I digress). We already know long gone are the days of stock photography, but even authentic, original photography begs for an artistic flair.


4. More Depth in Semi-Flat Design

As you may remember from 2017’s 11 Design Trends You Need to Know post, semi-flat design has become incredibly popular over the past year or so. But hey, guess what? We want our shadows back. This added depth and dimension allow designers to construct a visual hierarchy and attract your attention exactly where they want it. 

5. Brutalism

Perhaps a flashback to the early days of the web, brutalist design was all we knew. Stark backgrounds. No real hierarchy. Overlapping elements. Total disregard for spacing and symmetry. No perfect color palette. Clean lines and polished designs simply hadn’t arrived yet.

So why are these shocking, rugged designs so popular? It’s a total slap in the face to strict and fussy guidelines, allowing brands to send a very intentional but cleverly disguised message that agrees with younger generations and nonconformists.

You either love it or you hate it. If you do love it and are looking for inspiration, there’s a whooole website devoted to collecting examples of brutalist designs.

6. 3D Typography

Because…because why not?


7. Double Light

Still expect to see a lot of duotones, color gradients, and the like in 2018. But this year, keep an eye out for opportunities to use multiple light sources (or Photoshop) to create these effects for a more modern, edgy aesthetic.

8. Metallics

We’re wondering if we have Wonder Woman to thank for reigniting the metallic trend. Metallics are making their way into typography, packaging, and branding for a strong and powerful visual.


9. Papercraft Illustrations

These illustrations achieve the whimsical look of actual papercut art with depth, shapes, and textures created in none other than Photoshop.

We’ll check back in throughout the year and let you know of other trends on the rise!

Until then, we can help you with any design projects on your plate! Whether you need a new logo for your company or help creating an advertisement, our super-talented designers at SAGE ArtworkZone have you covered.

Happy New Year!

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