7 Promotional Products Inspired by the World Series


Take me out to the ball game…

Whether you’re an Astros or Dodgers fan, the World Series has a way of bringing people together. From hats to foam fingers, fans from across the country are looking for new and innovative ways to cheer on their favorite team. Companies across the nation are using the World Series to promote their businesses. Taco Bell is promoting their new Doritos Locos Taco by giving away a free taco for every time a baserunner steals a base during the World Series. The owner of a Furniture Gallery in Houston promised to refund $3,000 worth of bedding if the Astros win the World Series. Check out these promotional product ideas that will have you hitting home runs with your client!

SAGE #: 67066
Item #: S32B
Cheering for your team and heckling the umpire can build up a mean thirst. Luckily, Leprechaun Promotions LLC has got you covered with a 32 oz. customized sports bottle.

SAGE #: 56780
Item #: 1035
No baseball game is complete without the classic ball cap. Get yours today from Hit Promotional Products.

SAGE #: 54214
Item #: SL-2020
Sitting through nine innings can result to major pain in your backside. Sit in comfort with the stadium cushion from Ventura Promotional Products.

SAGE #: 52498
Item #: B905
Stadium-approved, this clear tote from The Magnet Group is perfect for carrying all your game-day essentials.


SAGE #: 51291
Item #: TW18XC
Because yelling at the top of your lungs isn’t enough, here’s a rally towel from Garyline to take your cheer leading to the next level!

SAGE #: 51270
Item #: FAN
Clapping is overrated! Give your hands a break and use these inflatable Fan-ta-Sticks noisemakers from Galaxy Balloons instead.

SAGE #: 69748
Item #: 204
Every true fan should sport a jersey of their favorite team! This jersey from MVP Sportswear is the perfect way to showcase your World Series spirit.

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