11 Design Trends You Need to Know


If you read our 2016 design trends blog, you already know things move quickly! It’s like our wise friend Ferris Bueller said, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

We know you’re a busy bee, so we rounded up 11 design trends you need to know!


1. Bright, bold color palettes

These pigments of your imagination are not off-limits to anyone. Check out BBC’s bold email below, a daring use of color from Adison Partners, and Spotify’s cheerful splash page.






2. Geometric patterns and shapes

Perhaps the most surprising trend of this year is the widespread use of geometric patterns and shapes. Is it a little bit 90’s? Sure. A little bit Saved By The Bell? Definitely. But these fun textures, colors, and shapes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.



3. Bold photography & typography

Marrying a stunning picture with some stylized text is worth a thousand words…or just a few done right.



4. Cinemagraphs

Remember that moving newspaper in Harry Potter?

We can only assume that Hogwarts inspired this trend of “cinemagraphs.” Now any muggle can imitate that magic with a bit of creativity. See how the example below captures your attention with movement in an otherwise static and predictable image.


5. Contemporary retro

Reminiscent of the brands your parents and grandparents may have shopped, a modern take on retro logos and design found its way into 2017.




6. Color transitions

Instagram’s new logo may be the most memorable color transition in this trend, but brands are finding creative ways to use color transitions in their marketing, including promotional products.



7. Hand-drawn graphics

Brands like Casper and Headspace have found instant brand recognition through their use of hand-drawn graphics in their marketing. From a simple doodle to a full-scale branding initiative, these cartoons have mass appeal.




8. 3-D

AR…VR… 3-D. It’s all here to stay. Auto manufacturers, athletic brands, and a whole slew of companies are jumping on this dimensional trend.


9. Semi-flat design

Speaking of more dimensional, semi-flat designs offer more depth and a cleaner design than last year’s trendy flat design.



10. Neutral space

Less is more… if it’s done creatively. Although we saw a lot of minimalism last year, the trend now is all about harnessing the power of neutral space and grids.





11. Storytelling

Brands are using storytelling in their marketing as a way to get their mission across, engage customers (especially Millennials), and deliver a message with the pushy feeling of an advertisement.

Check out the splash video from Industry Print Shop that takes viewers through a day in the lives of their staff. For an even bolder approach, Sagmeister & Walsh has a live feed of their design team at work on their homepage. Yep, day and night.

P.S. You’ll have to visit their sites to see their videos in all their glory.




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