5 Ways QuickBooks Makes Your Life Easier


It can be hard to imagine doing accounting nowadays without software programs to help us. Most business owners would agree that a user-friendly accounting solution is priceless. Instead of spending hours on bookkeeping, you can automate most of the tedious work and still have the organized records, forms, and reports that you need.

Intuit’s QuickBooks® is the most popular accounting software for businesses, and for good reason. It’s a reliable solution that can do just about anything you need it to, with quality tech support to boot.

That’s why, in order to support our distributors, SAGE developed integration with QuickBooks through our Order Management tool. With SAGE, a few clicks will export all your promotional product order data into QuickBooks, so you can easily work with it however you want. This makes your accounting as automated and hands-off as possible.

On Thursday, December 8, we hosted a webinar with QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Harriet Gatter showing you exactly how to move your order data from SAGE to QuickBooks.

In case you missed it, Harriet identified five major benefits of using QuickBooks and SAGE over other accounting systems, and all of them will make your accounting life easier!

1.Using QuickBooks with SAGE will save you time.

Normally you would have to start from scratch and manually enter your clients’ orders into QuickBooks – product numbers, order dates, charges, addresses, and more.

But all this data is already saved and organized in SAGE Order Management when you fulfilled the order. So why spend your time re-entering the same information? A simple export of the data from SAGE does it all for you.

2.QuickBooks helps you avoid errors.

Anytime you rekey information, the possibility of making an error increases. If you are manually entering a product number, it can be very easy to enter item 644 instead of 664. And some errors, like pricing typos, can be expensive ones. That’s why it’s a best practice in accounting to automate as much data handling as you can. Exporting from SAGE to QuickBooks is entirely click-based.

Accounting best practices include automating as much as you can to avoid typos and errors. Click To Tweet

3.Using QuickBooks makes it easier to find accountants.

QuickBooks is the #1 software for small and medium sized businesses, and almost all accountants know how to use it. That makes it far easier to find accounting help when you need it.

If you are using an uncommon or industry-specific program, even if it claims to handle all your accounting, your accountant (or you) will still have to learn new software, and that can be a frustrating time sink.

Plus, QuickBooks is so established and feature-rich that you probably won’t find a program with more options; more than likely, you will be missing tools that QuickBooks provides.

4.QuickBooks gives you ownership of your data.

If you are using an accounting program that is industry-specific, you will want to check whether you can save your data outside of the program and in a manageable, useful format.

If you can’t leave your accounting platform without taking your order history and other data with you, then you will run into problems if you ever want to move to a new accounting system. Having your order history data is priceless during audits, when you’re dealing with customer reorders and history, or when you need data for marketing and sales purposes.

5.QuickBooks saves you money.

For a complete accounting solution that fits every type of business, large or small, QuickBooks is very cost effective. QuickBooks Premier is the recommended version to handle the complexities of our industry, and it’s the perfect time of year to catch it on sale!

And the time that QuickBooks will save you pays you back even more. With more time, you can focus on increasing sales, fulfilling orders, or all the other tasks that make your business successful.

Learn More

If you’re a SAGE subscriber and you don’t use QuickBooks, you have a great opportunity to try it out with their 30-day trial!

And if you DO subscribe to both SAGE and QuickBooks, what are you waiting for? Our export tool couldn’t be easier to use! Learn more:

  • Click here to watch Harriet’s webinar Once you log in to sagemember.com, click on “Support” and then “How-To Videos” and click on the “QuickBooks Integration with SAGE Webinar.”
  • Watch our Order Management tutorial
  • Contact Harriet Gatter for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your current system and the possibilities with SAGE and QuickBooks
  • Or contact us with your questions.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed before!

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