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At SAGE, one of our goals is to make it easy to learn how to use our products. That’s why we created a library of videos giving you step-by-step directions on how to use SAGE products. So when it’s 3am and you forgot to send that important presentation, you can simply pull up a video to refresh your memory!

Below you will find five of our SAGE Online how-to videos along with an outline of what you can expect to learn.

These are a great place to start for distributors new to SAGE, and even experienced users may learn new tips!

Feel free to scan the list for topics that would be helpful to you and watch them in any order.

You can find all the videos referenced below on sageworld.com here or by logging in at www.sagemember.com and clicking on “Support” and then “How-To Videos.”

1. “SAGE Online 12: Product Searching” – available here.

SAGE Online allows you to search over one million products from 4,300 suppliers, so you will need to know how to use the product search functionality to get the results you need. This video covers:

  • The difference between category and keyword searching
  • The “basic” keyword search option
  • SAGE product codes
  • How to use dimensions
  • How to search by shipping point zip code and zip code radius
  • Searching for Verified by Supplier products
  • How to get live research assistance

2. “Creating Presentations in SAGE Online 12” – available here.

The SAGE Presentation Publisher allows you to create attractive product presentations for your clients. Watch this video to learn:

  • Two ways to add products to a presentation
  • How to save to a folder in your Project Center
  • How to use the CRM module when sending a presentation
  • Editing items in the presentation
  • Sending a presentation through email or as a web page link
  • How to receive client comments right on the presentation
  • Where to find all presentations you’ve created

3. “Virtual Design Studio 101” – available here.

The SAGE Virtual Design Studio allows you to place logos on product images to create virtual proofs for your clients. Watch this video to see how to:

  • Add your client’s logos or other photos to products
  • Remove, resize, and recolor logos, adjust transparency, and clean up edges
  • Rotate, skew, curve, crop, and layer logos
  • Add text
  • Save to the Project Center
  • Email or print the virtual proof

4. “How to Manage Clients in SAGE Online’s CRM” – available here.

Once you try the SAGE CRM module, you’ll wonder how you ever got through a day without it. Learn how to:

  • Manage client information, custom tasks, and orders
  • Assign clients to a sales rep and set priority
  • Add information on tax rate, payment terms, pricing, and shipping
  • Edit open orders
  • Add custom history, including attachments
  • Redact documents directly in the CRM module
  • View stats on clients’ history
  • Tag multiple clients for emailing
  • Create a presentation or form for a client just by right-clicking

5. “How to Use SAGE Order Management” – available here.

SAGE Order Management helps you create, send, and keep track of orders, invoices, artwork, and order history. Learn how to:

  • Send an order form directly from a presentation
  • Create purchase orders for multiple suppliers
  • Attach artwork to an order form
  • View order history, including when was sent and when it was viewed
  • Instantly turn an order into another form
  • View and sort all forms you’ve created
  • Export forms to QuickBooks
  • View statuses and reports

At www.sagemember.com, you’ll find how-to videos on many more topics, such as websites and email campaigns, and we have suppliers covered too with videos on SAGE Supplier Center, ShowLink, and SAGE Member user setup.

We always have more videos and video updates in the works, so check back at www.sagemember.com regularly for additions.


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