Crash Course: SAGE Online Discussion Groups 101

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Whether it is getting recommendations on the best supplier for an item, getting some ideas for an interesting new client, or maybe a business management question, who better to ask than people who speak the industry lingo. With SAGE Online Discussion Groups, you can post questions for our community of distributors.

The discussion groups also serve as a platform to network with other promotional product distributors for the chance to share industry insights, business tips, and more! Ready to see how to get started? We’ve got a crash course on everything you need to know to start participating in our community of industry professionals.

Welcome to the SAGE Online Discussion Groups


Discussion Group Topics

Check out the discussion group topics on the right-hand side of SAGE Online. From industry news, to accounting practices, to tradeshow talk, you can choose which ones you’re interested in following! Here’s a snapshot of just a few groups you can participate in.




Whenever a new post or response is made in the groups you follow, you’ll get a red icon notification on the SAGE Online toolbar.


Add a User Photo in SAGE

No discussion board is really complete without a little personalization. Be sure to add your user photo to appear in your posts and responses!

You can easily add or update your user photo by following these steps:
1.  Go to
2.  Click Account on the left side.
3.  Click Users.
4.  Click the Edit button under Actions on the right-hand side for the user you want to update.
5.  Navigate down to the Picture section where you can add or erase a photo.
6.  Choose a file to upload a picture.
7.  Click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

And that’s it! Now your user photo will appear with your posts and comments in SAGE.

Create a New Group

You can also create a new group, perhaps exclusively for your company, or for specific people you’d like to invite to join. Simply click Create New Group above the discussion categories.


Insert a Picture or a Product Search

You can also attach a photo to your post if you’re looking for a specific product. Simply click on Insert Picture at the bottom of your comment or post dialog box. Or, if you found an item someone is looking for, you can also click Insert Product Search to pull up your most recent searches and searches saved to the Project Center. A convenient link to the search with all the saved criteria will populate in your comment or post.



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  1. I have been anxiously awaiting this new feature! i have sage web for mac. "discussion Groups" is listed on the homepage but i can't click it. how can i access the discussion groups?

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