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Since the release of SAGE Online 12 in March, we’ve seen a tremendous positive response to the new features and tools. That’s what we love to hear – and not just because the response is positive, but because our products are helping you run your business more efficiently! In an effort to make sure you are getting the most out of SAGE Online 12, we thought we would dive in to some popular questions that reach our offices! Don’t worry if you have a question you don’t see answered here – you can always get in touch with us by phone, email, the SAGE Online discussion groups… you name it, we’re here for ya.

Let’s get into some of these burning questions.

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Presentation Publisher

Q: Can my client print out a presentation?

A: Yes, they can! You have the option to send them the link to view the presentation as well as a PDF version they can print. After clicking the Share tab on the left side column on the Presentation Publisher, you’ll see a link to your presentation at the top and a few options to set up alerts and feedback. Below, you’ll see Email Link With Attached PDF. An email draft will open with not only the viewing link but a printable version attached.

email with pdf
Q: Where can I see my notifications on client responses on presentations?

A: You can view notifications in a few different places. Notifications will be sent to your current email as well as under the home page alerts at the top left of the SAGE Online dashboard. Also, when you have a new client response, SAGE Online will show you a red circle on the Presentation Publisher icon on the left side toolbar (just like the red notification circle on the Discussion Groups icon in the previous screenshot). You can also receive a notification for when your client opens the presentation.

To manage alerts, go to Tools > Options > Alerts.

alerts screenshot_edited

Q: Will the feedback feature work when sending the same presentation to multiple people?

A: Yes, when you send the presentation link to your client they then have the ability to share the link with their colleagues allowing others in their organization to comment as well.

Q: How long can I save a presentation in SAGE Online?

A: You can keep presentations in SAGE Online for an unlimited amount of time. All your presentations are now saved in the cloud so you can access them from any computer, and they are safe and secure in case your computer crashes.

Q: How do I find my old presentation templates?

A: You can manage your presentation templates by clicking on the Presentations tab on the left-side toolbar, then select New at the top left of the Presentation Publisher dashboard.  Next, select Use Other or Manage Templates to share, create new or modify existing templates.


User Profiles

Q: Can each salesperson have their own login information?

A: Absolutely. That’s the way you should do it so they have their own settings and you can give them different access rights. You can configure users for your account on From there, select Account on the left navigation column and then click Users. From here, you can add and edit users’ profiles, logins, and permissions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Q: How do I import client info into the CRM?

A:  You can import a couple different ways. To begin, click Tools in the top navigation bar of SAGE Online, and then click Import Clients. From here, you can import from Outlook with just a few clicks of a button. Or, you can import from an Excel/CSV file. On the left side of the dialog box, there is a link that leads to more instructions and an Excel template that can be used to quickly and easily upload your clients.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of clients I can store in the CRM?

A: You can store as many as you’d like! There is no restriction on how many clients you can save in the CRM.

Q: If I update the CRM in the Presentation Publisher, will it save to the CRM?

A: Yes, there is an option for that. Next to the client name under the introduction area of the Presentation Publisher you can select Edit to modify client information within the CRM.

Email Campaigns

Q: Can items in an email campaign link back to my SAGE store?

A: Yes. If you have a SAGE Website, each product will automatically generate a link that takes the client directly to that product on your website.

Q: Can I unsubscribe clients from email campaigns?

A: Yes, if the clients are listed in the CRM and they unsubscribe, the CRM will automatically remove them from receiving future email campaigns.


Q: Are the email templates responsive?

A: Yes, they are. Responsive web design is the approach of laying out and coding a website to provide an optimal viewing experience no matter what device a visitor is using.

Virtual Design Studio

Q: Does SAGE Online limit the image picture size to the required imprint area size by the factory?

A: If pre-set for the supplier, the general imprint area is defined.



Training Resources

We have lots of training resources available to SAGE users. Check out our resources page for more information!


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