Using SAGE Mobile To Get The Most Out Of Tradeshows


Happy Tradeshow Season! With all the excitement tradeshows can bring, we know it’s difficult to keep all the information you need in one place, SAGE Mobile’s tradeshow planner reduces so much of the stress associated with getting around big shows. That’s why we wanted to let you in on how to use SAGE Mobile to get the most out of the next show you visit. You’ll be singing its praises after you see how simple it makes what we call “tradeshow life.”

Before the Show

If you haven’t already downloaded SAGE Mobile, and you’re a current SAGE Total Access subscriber… well, why haven’t you? SAGE Mobile is included in your subscription and the app is available for free for iOS and Android devices. Besides planning for tradeshows, it allows you to search for products, look up client information, check orders, and access other SAGE Online information. So trust us when we say it can save you a lot of time when you’re away from your office.

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Creating a Walk List

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed stepping into a show. You need to make your rounds, but the exhibitor list feels like its miles long. Creating a walk list can organize you before you get started!

  • From the Home Screen, click on the gray square in the top left corner to expand the navigation menu and select Tradeshows. Select the show you’re attending to take you to the main menu of the tradeshow planner.

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Also, if you’re having a hard time getting a great Wi-Fi connection, you just need to connect to Wi-Fi one time to select the show you’re at, and after that, you’re free to roam the show floor offline! You get all the functionality you need, and then when the show is over, you can reconnect to send all your information to the cloud.

  • Select Exhibitor List from the menu to see a comprehensive list of all the suppliers on the show floor.


  • When you find one that you’d like to visit, simply slide the supplier’s name to the left and click Add to Walk List! To see more detailed information, you can also tap on the supplier and then hit Add to Walk List. Hit the Back button and click on Walk List to see a neatly organized list of just the suppliers you want to visit.


Better yet, by clicking the double-arrows by Booth Number, you’ll see options to sort by company name, booth number, or by walking order.


Our activity trackers may not love us for skipping out on a few steps, but we love the streamlined way to hit more of the booths we want to see.

Using SAGE Mobile on the Show Floor

  • By selecting the interactive Floor Plan from the menu, you can see a comprehensive view of the booths and mark them off as you go. Tap on the highlighted booth, and then select Mark as Visited. 


  • Once you mark a booth as visited, it will change the visited booths on your walk list from red to green.


  • If you’re having trouble finding a supplier, you can search for their information in the Search Box on the floor plan. Once it pulls up the name of the supplier, you can click on it to take you directly to their location on the floor plan!

Making Notes

We all take notes differently. SAGE Mobile has several ways to keep track of all your memos!

  • After selecting an exhibitor, you can click Exhibitor Details to pull up an area where you can type notes, or add visual ones. Selecting the Camera icon below the notes field allows you the option of taking a photo reminder. The Video icon right beside it will allow you to add another visual reminder of the supplier’s products. Recording a voice memo is also an option with the Microphone icon.

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Keeping all your information directly under the exhibitor’s information is much more reliable than those mental notes we’re all guilty of assuring ourselves we will remember post-show!

After the Show

After the dust settles from the show and you’re ready to access your information, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Once you’ve connected to Wi-Fi again (if you went offline earlier), all of your information will automatically upload to the cloud.
  • You can get your information by clicking Export My Content in the main Tradeshows menu of SAGE Mobile. You’ll receive an email with an Excel document attached with all the booths on your walk list, notes, and links to photos/videos you captured!



We love the simplicity of the tradeshow planner function. Have you tried it yet? Let us know about your experience below!

Curious as to what other time-saving functions you can discover in SAGE Mobile? Learn all about our mobile solution here!

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