Top 10 Promotional Product Ideas for the Automotive Industry

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From daily commutes to work, to summer road trips, we are spending more and more time in our vehicles. Whether you purchased your vehicle from a car dealership or recently visited your local repair shop, you’re sure to have seen some great opportunities for branding! The automotive industry comes in at no. 9 on our list of the top 10 industries purchasing promotional products.

Below is our list of 10 promotional products drivers will enjoy during their travels.

  1. Trunk Organizer, Item# 7TNK1224BLK, PWS – SAGE# 64388
  2. Mobile Tech Travel Accessory Kit, Item #WP303, Makana Line LLC – SAGE# 50165
  3. Complete Emergency Roadside Tool Kit, Item# TG430, Tanslin Premium – SAGE# 67395
  4. Mini Car Air Purifier, Item# 107723, Slight Worlds Inc – SAGE# 69694
  5. Aluminum Tire Gauge, Item# MTRG-S, Graphco Line – SAGE# 64566
  6. SipGrip™ To Go Coaster, Item# 40244, HandStands – SAGE# 50347
  7. Vivid Vent Air Freshener, Item# 09572, HandStands – SAGE# 50347
  8. Ice Scraper Mitt, Item# 1124M, Garyline – SAGE# 51291
  9. Collapsible Auto Sunshade – Mesh Side Shade, Item# 21897, Handy Industries Inc – SAGE# 60388
  10. Portable Stadium Blanket, Item #SL-2050, Ventura Promotional Products Inc. – SAGE# 54214

Looking for more product inspiration? You can find more products for top industries like education, construction, real estate, and more here. Happy hunting!

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