Top 10 Promotional Products for Nonprofits


Many nonprofits share a common mission – to spread the word about their cause! As such, the nonprofit sector is one of the top 10 industries purchasing promotional products.

Nonprofit organizations can use promotional items to help build brand awareness. Items like tote bags and tumblers are likely to be used out and about and are great options for getting a logo seen in the community. Smaller giveaway items, like pins and magnets, are perfect for promoting a community event or raising awareness about a cause.

Branded items are excellent thank you gifts for recognizing community volunteers and donors.

Nonprofits can express appreciation for different levels of donation with gifts ranging from coffee mugs to gift baskets, or recognize community members with custom awards and plaques.

And don’t forget about fundraising! Many nonprofits use promotional products as fundraisers, and can benefit from choosing high-quality, inexpensive items that will promote their cause while raising revenue.

From the thousands of options out there, we selected our favorite 10 items for nonprofits!

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  1. Fruit Shape Tote Bag, Item# BT3684, Atteff International Inc – SAGE# 63646
  2. Silky Soft MicroFiber Cloth, Item# SMARTD4X5, Smart Go Logo – SAGE# 69342
  3. Poly Pro Lunch To Go, Item# A646, Vitronic Promotional Group – SAGE# 57540
  4. Seed Balls in Clear Tube, Item# GRSBT, Groline – SAGE# 66887
  5. HotMates Reusable Hand Warmers, Item# HMWTE-S, Sunscarf International Limited – SAGE# 68702
  6. Magnetic Clip Whiteboard Set, Item# T529, High Caliber Line – SAGE # 64740
  7. Desk Set w/ Carry Box, Item# MK-OM-84, Makana Line LLC – SAGE# 50165
  8. Color Comfort, Item# CC101, Better Life Line (a Fields Company) – SAGE# 66974
  9. 16 Oz. Double Wall Saturn Tumbler, Item# MG760, Jetline – SAGE# 63554
  10. The Vidalia Notebook, Item# T942, High Caliber Line – SAGE# 64740
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