10 Best Promotional Products for the Healthcare Industry


How many times have you gone to a dentist for your first visit and gotten a goody bag with pamphlets, a pen, and a promotional toothbrush? Healthcare, as a whole, is one of the top industries buying promotional products. Think about how often you’ve seen nurses using clipboards branded with pharmaceutical logos, or received a free water bottle from a clinic. This industry is full of opportunities to win clients over with unique and interesting promotional items!

Here’s the list of our 10 favorite promotional products for the healthcare industry:

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  1. Cyclone Cup Shaker Bottle, Item# CYCLONECUP, Gold Bond Incorporated – SAGE# 57040
  2. First Aid Kit, Item# A59369, Vitronic Promotional Group – SAGE# 57540
  3. Plastic Clip Board, Item# TFT100386, EM Skylink Inc – SAGE# 69128
  4. Travel Facial Paper, Item# PC195, Jetline – SAGE# 63554
  5. Aqua Pearls Hot/ Cold Pack, Item# WHF-HC11, Ariel Premium Supply Inc – SAGE# 60462
  6. Hand Sanitizer with Neoprene Sleeve, Item# VL2003, Logomark Inc – SAGE# 50111
  7. Lacrosse Massage Ball, Item# 109565, Rivers Promo Incorporation – SAGE# 68786
  8. Fitbit Flex Tracker, Item# FB401BK, National Vendor Promotions Inc– SAGE# 68720
  9. Mini Wipe Canister, Item# MINIWIPE, Crown – SAGE# 55209
  10. Doctor Duck, Item# 35053, Alpi International Ltd – SAGE# 50313
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