What Inspires You? An Interview with Greg Cox

Greg Cox

“When I look back on my life, I want to know I was there for my family and friends, and that I spent time doing things I enjoyed with those people.”

What is your position at SAGE?

Senior Distributor Account Executive, serving the Eastern part of the country.

How did you get your start with SAGE?

My dad is a promotional product distributor, and he knew SAGE was a technology company that was revolutionizing our industry. He saw a SAGE presentation at a tradeshow and said to me, “You’d be good at that!”

Where do find inspiration?

I get inspired when a customer tells me a success story – explaining how our tools and services either got them a sale, got them a new customer, or helped them automate their ordering processes. It makes me want every customer to get more from their SAGE tools!

“I get inspired when a customer tells me a success story…”

How do you define success?

Strong connections with my customers. Distributors are relationship-based salespeople, and I appreciate that. If someone becomes a friend, we have a good rapport, and they’re getting great results using our tools? That’s success.

What is your favorite thing about the promotional products industry?

I like how it’s an industry that’s both straightforward – people to people selling – as well one that’s embracing technology all the time.  Email Marketing, for instance, is an exciting thing we can make happen for our customers that benefits them immediately.

What is the best promotional product you’ve ever seen?

My favorite products are gadgets. Ones that have a “gimmick,” but also serve a purpose. So I like “Robotic Calculators.”  You just got interested, didn’t you?  Go look them up in SAGE!

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