Who’s Buying Promotional Products? Top 10 List!

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When you’re in the business of selling, it’s important to know who your buyers are. For promotional products, pretty much every industry could benefit from purchasing giveaway items, or at least customized pens. However, veteran distributors know which industries are the most reliable buyers for promo products. The following list ranks the top 10 purchasers of promotional products by industry. (Source: Promotional Products Work)

The SAGE Blog is going to feature each industry on the list in individual blog posts, complete with product ideas and marketing suggestions for turning these top buyers into your customers. Stay tuned!

Who are your go-to industries? We want to know! Post in the comments below.

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  1. Promotional products can benefit any organization, in any industry. With such a vast range of products to choose from it's no surprise that so many different organizations are turning to promo products at an attempt to promote their brand.

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