3 Tips for Using SAGE Online Discussion Groups


No matter how long you’ve been in the business, sometimes we all have questions. And most people will tell you that when then need help, they ask someone. Supervisors, colleagues, and friends – these can be our greatest resources for information. That’s exactly why SAGE Online provides you with access to customized discussion groups.

Why use discussion groups?

Want a product recommendation? Looking for marketing suggestions or business tips? Join a discussion group in SAGE Online and interact directly with industry professionals and SAGE specialists. SAGE Online discussion groups allow you to solicit help from other distributors in the industry who understand your business. In addition, participating in discussion groups is a great opportunity to build community and network with other professionals.

SAGE Online users are already discussing preferred suppliers, posting about unique products they’ve seen, and asking about accounting best practices. If there isn’t already a group discussing your topic, it’s easy to create a new group. You can create a public discussion group to share with all SAGE promotional product distributors, or create a private discussion group to communicate exclusively with specific groups and colleagues.

Here are a few tips for using the discussion groups effectively:

1. Start with Searching

Before creating a new group or posting a question, try searching the boards for your keywords. If you need help finding a promotional item for lawyers, just type “lawyer” into the search bar. Looking for a garment supplier? Try searching “garment,” “shirt,” or something similar.

2. Be Concise

When you do decide to post, get right to the point. These discussion boards are being used by hundreds of busy professionals. They are more likely to respond if you ask a direct question.

For example, instead of: “Does anyone know of a good supplier for fountain pens? I saw a couple but wonder if there might be others out there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.”

Try this: “I’m looking for a reliable supplier for fountain pens. Any suggestions? Thank you.”

3. Read and Respond

Discussion groups are only as good as its contributors make it! So participate, read through other people’s questions, and provide thoughtful responses. The more users actively utilizing the discussion groups, the more helpful they become. Remember, every time you post or answer someone’s question, you are helping to build a community of resources and support.

We want to hear from you!

SAGE Online discussion groups are just one of the tools we offer to help grow your business. How are you currently networking with other industry professionals? Comment below and let us know your strategies, or tell us how you’ve been using SAGE Online discussion groups already.

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  1. I am looking for 2 things for a client opening up a coffee shop. Good quality clear plastic glasses (disposable) in 16, 24, 32 oz.with lids and straws.
    I am also looking for screen printed amber glass growlers in 32 and 64 oz. I have not used this outreach before so I hope this is not inappropriate?

    • Hi, Laurie!
      Thanks for reaching out. SAGE is happy to provide free research assistance, and one of our specialists will shoot you an email with some product ideas.
      PS - I love those amber glass growlers; they're so cool!

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