3 Signs You Need a CRM System


Customer relationship management, more commonly referred to as CRM, is a system that tracks interactions with clients and prospects. It stores their contact information as well as any other identifying information you choose to track. A CRM system can also group multiple contacts at a company under one account, which can be very helpful for salespeople. Additionally, it can keep track of reps’ touchpoints with their clients and prospects, including emails, phone calls, voicemails, and meetings.

If you aren’t currently using a CRM system, you would be surprised by how much easier it will make life for you and your employees. Here are the three critical signs you need a CRM system:

1) You have no centralized place for storing important data.

In sales, it’s important to be efficient and effective. You shouldn’t waste time searching through your inbox or call history to get a prospect’s number or recall when you last spoke. Also, you could forget something and risk sending the same email multiple times and annoying a prospect.

2) You often experience miscommunication across your company.

In addition to making life easier for individual reps, CRM systems also improve communication at the organizational level. What if a rep is reaching out to a lead that their colleague spoke to two years ago? If that colleague knew, he would likely have some important intel the rep could benefit from. Or say a new rep takes over someone’s territory – it would be helpful to have detailed information on those prospects.

With CRM, reps can immediately assess what’s already been done with a given prospect and what’s next. Your reps don’t need to reach out to their colleagues to get interaction history, because the information they need is already in the system.

3) While your current system gets the job done, you worry how it will work as you continue to grow.

You might be asking yourself, “Can’t I just do this all in an Excel spreadsheet and call it a day?”

If you only have a handful of clients and prospects, manually tracking everything shouldn’t be too difficult. But think ahead a few years and you’ll likely be struggling to keep up, assuming you plan on growing your business over the years.

Whether or not a CRM system is right for you really comes down to one question: Do you want to grow your business? Your ability to grow depends on your customer service. And you can’t provide great service without CRM.

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