Do This, Not That: How To Win Sales With Your Body Language

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There’s a little-known fact that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal.  What you’re selling aside, winning sales is really about the confidence you convey. If your potential clients trust what you’re saying, they’ll be more likely to buy-in to your recommendations. If they don’t trust you, even the best recommendations will fall on deaf ears. Use this body language guide to convey confidence and win more sales when interacting with potential clients.

DO strike a power pose

This is the superhero’s iconic pose because it has actually been shown to power you up. Research shows that a power pose not only makes others perceive you as confident and powerful, but it actually makes you feel that way because it raises your testosterone levels, while decreasing cortisol levels (your stress hormone).

DON’T cross your arms or legs

When you cross your arms, you signal defensiveness and distance yourself from whoever you are speaking with. When you cross your legs, you signal that you are resistant and unreceptive. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed in an appropriate way and others will find you more welcoming.

DO make eye contact

Making eye contact enhances your connection with the receiver of your gaze and shows respect, confidence and trust. When you’re speaking to a group of people, make sure you rotate your eye contact with each person and everyone will be more interested in what you have to say.

DON’T stare

Sometimes, trying to maintain eye contact can make people uncomfortable if it’s overly intense. To avoid this, use the facial triangle. By rotating your gaze between the two eyes and the mouth, you’ll avoid making people uncomfortable.

DO smile and laugh when appropriate

Smiling is a great tool in gaining trust and acceptance from others. It shows you’re a positive person and can make others feel more positive about what you’re saying. A great way to bond with someone is to laugh with them as well. However, the key to this is reading your audience and knowing when it’s appropriate to make a joke.

DON’T rub your palms, face or neck

Rubbing your palms, face or neck is the universal sign for anxiety and stress. If you show that you lack confidence in yourself, others will lose their confidence in you as well.

DO maintain good posture

Slouched shoulders show you are unconfident. Sit or stand up straight to add a couple of inches to your height and be taken more seriously.

DON’T give a weak handshake

A weak handshake conveys you’re a weak person, and no one wants to partner with a weak person in business.

DO steeple your hands

Hand-steepling shows you can be trusted. However, don’t lower your steeple mid-conversation because it can show a sudden loss in confidence.

Remember this guide the next time you’re meeting with a client and notice how their perception of you changes. Your sales may just skyrocket as a result!

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