Distributors: 12 Convincing Statistics On The Value Of Attending Tradeshows

Distributors 12 Convincing Statistics On The Value Of Attending Tradeshows

Tradeshows are common occurrences in the promotional products industry. Despite the transition to digital means of communication, distributors continue to place a high value on face-to-face communication as a means to grow and improve their businesses.  Distributors value tradeshows because they give them the ability to review and discuss products in person, and compare their options all under one roof.  There are also the benefits of networking and attending free education sessions.

Read on to learn what attendees say about the value of attending tradeshows.

  1. 91% of attendees indicated that a tradeshow gives them the opportunity to view thousands of products under one roof.
  2. 73% of attendees buy from at least one supplier at tradeshows.
  3. 92% attend tradeshows to see all of the new products.
  4. Nearly 100% of industry tradeshows offer free education, exhibitor seminars and networking events to provide you with a way to learn more about the industry and how to grow your business. Some also allow you to earn CAS/MAS credit.
  5. 78% of attendees go to keep up to date on industry trends and issues.
  6. 75% like to see many companies at one time for comparison purposes.
  7. 67% of attendees go to see existing suppliers.
  8. 65% of attendees go to network with colleagues and/or suppliers.
  9. 60% go to strengthen industry relationships or partnerships.
  10. 52% go to get technical information or specifications.
  11. A tradeshow is the most cost-effective means of sourcing products, services and information in the industry.
  12. Tradeshows are the most time-efficient way to keep up to date with new technology, products, innovations and developments in the promotional products industry.

Want to experience the value of tradeshows yourself? Register today to attend SAGE Show 2015 on August 12 and 13 at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas!

During this two-day event, explore new trends, connect with industry leaders and learn valuable tips to grow your business.  Wednesday, August 12 is the education and meeting day, where you can earn CAS/MAS credit and schedule a time to meet with specific suppliers. Thursday, August 13 is the tradeshow day when exhibits will be open.

For added value, you can even bring your clients to the tradeshow day on Thursday so they can see products in person and generate ideas of what to order from you.

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