Branding 101: What Makes A Brand Powerful


A powerful brand is more than just a great logo and a mission statement (although those certainly lay the groundwork for any brand.) We asked some of our SAGE teammates what brand comes to mind when they think of powerful branding.  Here’s what they said:

“I think Disney is a strong brand because they try to stick to what appeals to their customers and they show that they care about their audience.  They’ve also mastered spanning across several businesses (movies, themeparks, resorts, cruise line, etc.) without losing their identity.”

– Christine Black, Web Developer



“Google is one of the most recognizable brands around the world. Their logo and colors have become iconic and their name has even become a verb used in everyday life (i.e. Google it). People look forward to their homepage doodles, which play off of their logo and are still recognizable as the brand.”

– Rebecca Henderson, Advertising Coordinator



“Recently, I’ve found that a lot of companies aren’t just relying on a logo for branding, but jingles as well. It’s great to watch companies make themselves relative in new mediums. A perfect example of this is the Peyton Manning Nationwide Insurance commercial. ‘…chicken parm you taste so good.’”

– Jarod Thorndike, Director of Strategic Relations


“Apple is an incredibly powerful brand because most people can recognize it even outside the standard marketing context. When an Apple commercial comes on TV, I can immediately recognize it as Apple, even without any mention of their name, logo or products.  The way it’s filmed, the tone and voice of the narration and the simplicity of the commercial is all characteristically Apple. With their print ads, the font, layout and color scheme are all consistently on brand as well. Apple has such a huge social and cultural influence that it has become a trend to put ‘i’ in front of words and people have even created Apple parody ads.”

– Brooke Van Poppelen, Marketing Communications Coordinator



“Starbucks is a hugely popular company across the globe.  In any language, the Starbucks logo is recognizable. Even though they’ve revamped their logo a few times over the years, they’ve maintained a lot of the same elements so as to not stray from their brand.”

– Jansen White, Marketing Manager



“Rolex is a very strong, classic brand.  All of their branding looks high class, which appeals to their target market. The brand is over a century old and has become synonymous with luxury watches, if not success itself.”

– John Peddy, Distributor Account Executive



“When Gatorade revamped their logo to G with a lightning bolt, it made me wonder what that Logo was for.  But now I think the logo change was a great choice. The new logo is simpler and more modern and the lightning bolt makes it easy to find on shelves in the grocery stores.”

– Jesika Gillett, Content Specialist



“Nike is a brand that has stuck with me since I was a kid.  The swoosh logo is simple, yet iconic, and I’ve developed a loyalty toward the brand.”

– James Wilson, Distributor Account Executive



“NBC resonates with me as a strong brand.  They’ve used the colorful peacock feathers for as long as I can remember, and I always instantly recognize the logo and jingle.”

– April Ethridge, Customer Account Specialist



“The Red Cross’s branding is so powerful that the logo has become universally associated with medicine and saving lives. If that’s not brand power, I don’t know what is.”

– Grayson West, Distributor Account Executive



“I think the Rolling Stones have a very powerful brand.  The art student who was asked to design the logo was inspired by the size of Mick Jagger’s tongue and lips. The “tongue and lips” image has now become their identity and is internationally recognized as the Rolling Stones.  No explanation necessary.”

– Andy Douthitt, Supplier Account Executive



What comes to mind when you think of powerful branding?  Let us know in the comments below!  And be sure to subscribe to the SAGE Blog by submitting the short form to the left.

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