Team Up! 4 Benefits Of Joining An Industry Association

Team Up 4 Benefits Of Joining An Industry Association

Do you ever feel like a little fish in a big pond?  The promotional products industry is one of breadth and depth, so it’s easy to feel lost or disconnected at times.  You know how, as a child, you were encouraged to join a club or an athletic team to make friends and fit in?  That same principle still applies to the business world.  Here are four ways you will focus your objectives and boost your business by joining an industry association.

Tap Into Knowledge & Make Personal Connections

Odds are that someone, somewhere, in the industry has already discovered the solution to a puzzling problem you’re dealing with.  Workshops, newsletters, forums, and events create opportunities to address these problems and find a solution.  Additionally, by networking with industry experts, you may spot emerging trends that you can leverage to your advantage.

Enhance Your Reputation

By being a part of an industry association, you show that you are committed to bettering your business.  It also shows that you are a reputable business who customers can trust to do business with.  Industry associations, such as the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), award credentials and certifications (CAS credit), which can also help to build consumer confidence in you and your business.

Receive Exclusive Discounts

Industry associations often offer their members special discounts on certain products and services.  One example of this is the Power of Two partnership.  As a PPAI member, you receive a $495 SAGE credit each year you are a member.  This credit can be applied to any SAGE products and services.  PPAI offers this to their members so that they can take advantage of our top-of-the-line research and business management tools to get the most of their membership.

If you are currently a PPAI member and have not used your $495 credit, it’s not too late.  The credit is good for a year from when you paid your PPAI membership dues and you receive the credit each year you renew.  The most popular choice is to use your credit toward a SAGE Total Access subscription, which grants you access to our flagship promotional product research tool, SAGE Online, as well as our mobile app, SAGE Mobile, and SAGE Web, our web-based platform for any computer with internet access, including Macs.

If you are already a Total Access subscriber or if you do not want a Total Access subscription, there are several other products and services you can apply your credit to, such as one of our many website options, company stores, email campaigns, Inspire catalogs, and more.

Gain Political Influence

Industry associations bring competitors together, turning many small voices into one collective, persuasive roar.  This is especially helpful when independent businesses need to mobilize quickly, such as when facing proposed political initiatives that threaten the industry.   Just as PPAI has begun with PPAI L.E.A.D. (Legislative Education and Action Day), which encourages people in the industry to get involved and become a voice for the industry.

PPAI is the international association for the promotional products industry, hence the name, but there are 27 regional associations across the U.S. that you can also benefit from joining.

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