4 Ways To Increase Sales With Catalogs


Print catalogs are no longer just direct-selling tools.  They drive web and store traffic, are a channel between technologies and, perhaps most important, build brand awareness.  This awesome infographic shows just how effective print catalogs can be:


Now, you may be thinking, “Hey there SAGE, if you know so much about print catalogs, why don’t you send them to all my customers for me, while I sit here and watch the orders pour in?”  Well, not so fast.  But we are willing to share some of our wisdom with you…

Here are four ways you can use Inspire catalogs to increase sales:

1.  Ship Them. When shipping an order to a client, include a few Inspire catalogs in the box. When your client receives their order, they’ll flip through the catalog and could find ideas for their next order.

2.  Hand Out. Give them out at professional networking events, meetings and around the community.

3.  Leave Behind. Always leave an Inspire Catalog behind after each sales visit. These can go a lot further than a business card.

4.  Direct Mail. Because the Inspire Catalogs are digest-size, they are easy to mail to potential clients and are also a great reminder to existing clients that it’s time to order again.

If this doesn’t have you hopping on the print catalog bandwagon just yet, maybe last week’s post about the effectiveness of print marketing will.  Inspire catalogs are customizable and you can order as few as one at a time, for as little as 95 cents!  Do we have you convinced now?  Or should we resort to that “How much do you spend on a cup of coffee?” car salesman cliché?  We thought so.

To order your Inspire Catalogs, click here.

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