5 Methods To Generate More Online Sales

online sales

Whether you’ve been reading our recent blog posts about improving your website and following the guidelines religiously, or you’ve been thinking, “C’mon SAGE, I already do all of that.  But what good does it do me if all of those people visiting my website aren’t buying anything?” This post is for you.

There are a few crucial components your website needs to have in order to generate sales.  This isn’t to say that your basic, run-of-the-mill business card website can’t generate sales – you’re certainly a step ahead of every company that doesn’t have a website at all – but these techniques will make it much easier for your website visitors to go from perusing to purchasing.

1. Establish a connection before the purchase phase.  Either with a simple contact form, by providing a free quote, being available for online chat, or answering any possible questions with a FAQ page.  Establishing a connection is especially important for gaining new customers and for companies that are not well known because people are more comfortable doing business with the people behind websites, rather than their HTML facades.

2. Allow them to make purchases directly from your website.  You’ll have the most success with a website with E-commerce capabilities, which makes it easy for customers to make a purchase directly from your website.  SAGE Websites make having E-commerce capabilities super simple by pulling products directly from the SAGE database.  This allows visitors to search through all of the products and add items to their virtual shopping cart to purchase.  The database is updated in real time, so all of the products on your website are always up to date without you having to maintain anything.

3. Guide them to products on your website with email campaigns.  Email campaigns are great for driving people to your website.  If you use SAGE Email Campaigns and PromoSearch together, you can pull products from the SAGE database and drop them into one of our email templates or one of your custom emails.  Those products will then automatically link directly to that product on your website when clicked.  This makes it easy for an email recipient to make a purchase in just a couple of clicks and with little effort on your part!

4. Offer specials and other incentives to urge visitors to act fast.  Putting special offers on your homepage and advertising specials via social media and email campaigns will attract website visitors who are actually interested in making a purchase.  Plus, the special incentive will create a sense of urgency for them to pull the trigger on the purchase rather than sitting on the order until they get around to it or forget about it.

5. Include a call to action!  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – people need to be told what to do.  If you want them to make a purchase, add a button or link that says “Buy Now.”  This instructs the visitor on the next step in the process and drives them to make a purchase.

Generating sales from your website is all about having the right tools.  If you would like more information about SAGE Websites, click here.  Our knowledgeable account executives are happy to help you implement a plan to get more sales from your website.  Contact your account executive today at 800.925.7243.

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