Top 5 Reasons Your Clients Should Sponsor Events

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I doubt you’ve ever ordered a drink at an event and received your cold, frothy beverage in a plain, red Solo® cup.  It seems there isn’t an item at an event that isn’t plastered with some company’s logo.  One reason promotional product event sponsorship is so effective is because it attaches sentimental value to a product.  People tend to save promotional products from events because they remind them of the event, therefore creating an emotional connection to the brand.  By encouraging your clients to sponsor events with promotional products, you’ll be helping them build their brand’s reputation.  For more ways to convince them, here are the top 5 reasons promotional products are brilliant as event marketing.

1.  Enhance their brand’s credibility

Companies in general have few opportunities to build trust and establish rapport with their customers and prospects.  Getting involved with an event and being seen as dependable and supportive will accelerate the process.  Logo placement in a variety of places such as flyers, direct mail, brochures, websites, email marketing campaigns, tickets, signage, etc. will also increase brand awareness.

2. Reach a highly targeted crowd

Events will have a certain mix of people that are in attendance.  Sponsoring an event will have a much greater impact if that event is specifically targeted to your client’s prospects.

3. Gain media exposure

All events have their own marketing efforts to make sure the event is well attended and generally successful.  When your client decides to sponsor an event, they will automatically get the benefit of being promoted throughout the process.  Some events have local media support while others may offer national campaigns.  This could provide extended exposure and visibility in markets they have not tapped into yet.

4. Get involved in their community

Larger, more established corporations that get involved with local events will be sending a message to the attendees that they are genuinely interested in providing support.  Companies that show generosity for a cause will spark more human interest and appeal to the audience.

5. Form a personal connection

When your client sponsors an event, they will almost always be allowed to attend the event so people from their company can network with attendees and pass out promotional products.  This helps people form a personal connection with their brand.

Promotional Product Spottings at the 2014 State Fair of Texas

Since promotional products have such a huge impact at events, I wanted to show it in a big way.  And what’s bigger than the State Fair of Texas?  As the largest state fair in the nation, Fair Park in Dallas stretches 277 acres, and attracts more than 3 million people during the 24 days it’s open each year, making it a great place for a brand to be seen.

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And, of course, no promotional product spotting would be complete without representing SAGE!

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