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Event Lead Retrieval

Add Value To Your Event

You put on an awesome show with several great exhibitors and an excellent turnout of attendees. Everything goes off without a hitch. But then, your show management receives a number of complaints about exhibitor and attendee follow-up after the show, and attendance at your next show drops drastically.

Nearly 80 percent of tradeshow leads generated on the show floor go unfulfilled. By providing SAGE ShowLinkLite, the lead retrieval service designed specifically for the promotional products industry, you’ll improve the ease and accuracy of exhibitors’ follow-up processes, thus increasing their return on investment and ensuring they return to your show year after year.

SAGE ShowLinkLite


  • Adds value to the show by improving exhibitors’ ROI, so they’ll return year after year
  • Leaves less room for human error so lead information is more accurate
  • Easier to collect leads and follow up with them after the tradeshow
  • Lead information is available right after the show on SAGEmember.com, so leads can be followed up with immediately
  • At end-user shows, distributors will receive lead reports for easier post show follow up
  • The eco-friendly option because it eliminates the need for business cards, triplicate paper, and mailing
  • Easy device check-in and check-out process for exhibitors, eliminating lines before and after the show
  • Dedicated SAGE ShowLinkLite staff attend the show to educate exhibitors on how to use the software
  • Makes it easy for exhibitors to follow up at end-user shows by linking each client to their distributor

How It Works

SAGE registration software creates barcodes on attendee badges, which exhibitors can then scan using SAGE ShowLinkLite to capture leads and new prospects. SAGE ShowLinkLite can be downloaded on exhibitors’ personal iOS and Android devices, or they can check out a device from SAGE.

SAGE will have a lead retrieval station at the show to handle check-out, setup, and check-in. Leads can be downloaded from SAGEmember.com after the show.


SAGE ShowLinkLite’s comprehensive lead retrieval platform improves the ease, accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of your exhibitors’ follow-up processes. Thus, increasing their return on investment for the event, so you can be confident they’ll return next year.

Capture Leads

An exhibitor uses their device’s camera to scan a lead’s barcoded name badge and capture their information instantly.

Capture Leads with ShowLink at events and tradeshows

Take Notes

Exhibitors can rate each lead and record information, such as what products the lead is interested in, so they’ll remember what to follow up with them about.

Take notes with ShowLink at events and tradeshows

Access Online

All of the information exhibitors record in SAGE ShowLinkLite will also automatically be available on SAGEmember.com immediately following the show.

Access your ShowLinkLite leads online


For answers to frequently asked questions about SAGE ShowLinkLite, please click here.

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